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  1. Interesting. Please make a thread about it then. Thanks for answering, max.
  2. Lered, that was definitely not the post I was reading. Hmm..I can't get the name down. And drnef, that might've been him. But some dude was saying "hmm should i talk about some secret info henry told me? hmm ill let others post and after a while ill decide"
  3. Friday? Alright but I don't think that's who the guy was, I know a couple who were saying they were getting packages and getting them on friday. And bentheren? I thought that was the original poster, the "henry".
  4. Would change the whole idea of Henry? "Turn the thread 'literally', upside down"? What was his username again? We need to message that guy. To be honest, it's okay to lock this up, but that guy, if he really has some info, it might be the time now. Maybe this is when Henry wanted the person to post the groundbreaking news, but the thread ended up getting locked.
  5. The reason there was no gore in the multiplayer teaser, was because video game videos with gore on youtube have been getting flagged, and they dont want their FIRST EVER multiplayer teaser to get taken down.
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