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  1. I have gotten 360s consistantly and don't think much of them and will admit that they are luck and only post them because they are lucky and its not something that you can do every time. If you don't want to sub thats okay i just wanted to show people something lucky Sorry i forgot next time it will be in the media centre
  2. I got 540 ballistic knife a couple days ago and wanted it to get some views and would like some subs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KnhWJhH3yQ
  3. Phillips that happened to my friend but it happened right after a host migration and he couldnt shoot
  4. My 2nd beats your first http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KxVPmmdX_A Sry i don't know how to embed
  5. Your Black ops is perfectly fine it's your brain that needs to be fixed :facepalm:
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRW_2lU5DRM There it is, ithis is my first collateral and just wanted to share it with you guys I just figured out how to upload to youtube through the theater mode Edit:I am having trouble uploading another collateral in one in the chamber it is under 30 seconds long and says it is rendered but won't upload to my videos on callofduty.com or youtube
  7. Treyarch put out a launch trailer so early so what if they release a zombie trailer on launch day Just a thought plz don't flame
  8. Here is a video that brought a smile to my face and will probably bring one to yours P.S I know this is the wrong place to post this but this forum gets more views and i want to get this out there.
  9. Who is Jugga Jugga? (Honestly no idea) Stunning Climax
  10. i can't play at the midnight launch but i am interested in any afterwards
  11. I agree spas after all the hoaxes,research we are less then a month away Soon we will find out what parts of our work is right and wrong Edit:less then a week so excited dor next tuesday
  12. I will apply im with xStopdropnkillx weekend plz I only remember my DR Round and that is 26 lagged out though so it didnt count
  13. On black ops 24/7 they had an article about the campaign and the course that it takes, it says SPOILER that the main character Mason is in either present time or the future, being interrogated but some people.Mason goes through flashbacks of what happened in the cold war now my theory he is in the OLD Gknova 6 room but then an outbreak happens and the zombie outbreak happens and he sees the outbreak on the monitors. I now this won't happen and that it is kinda stupid im just giving my theory. P.S Please don't flame
  14. Hey guys i've been getting into World at war again (i know it's amazing just with all the new games) and i was wondering if someone wanted to get a full squad and play a few games. None of my friends play it they are all into halo which is a good game but its just not the same going into a game with a bunch of randoms. If your interested im on xbox and my Gt is A Fat Blue Hobo
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