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  1. Agreed. artificial difficulty is just poor game design. Sadly, it's also a staple of EE progression in Zombies...
  2. So does the clock actually NEED to be stopped on 9:35 for the main EE? I was just playing a round and was able to shoot the teleporter and trigger the sparks without stopping the clock. I think that particular step may only be necessary for the secondary time-travel to get the plunger and grow the plant.
  3. Damn three year cycle... Two was bad enough. I've never really liked any of the non-Treyarch CoDs.
  4. Thread name made me think it might have been double liquid divinium... No such luck, huh?
  5. Found another strange bug. Put the shield together today and picked it up, but Instead of the usual shield icon on the HUD with the 3 rocket charges, there was no icon and a 2 offset to the left. When I tried to pull it out, I had an infinite supply of claymores instead of the shield, but when I placed them they just sat on the ground and didn't do anything... I'll try to get video of that and the fire stone bug I posted about earlier. I guess just view the clips and then share to youtube from my PSN? EDIT: I'm finding all of them, I guess... Just had a round where I couldn't
  6. I noticed on all the shields around DE there are three other symbols on the shields besides the large dragon face (an explosion, lightning bolts and a crescent shaped thing). I was curious about what they could be, and now seeing that they were still on the shields even back before the two wolves became a dragon instead, I'm even more curious...
  7. The fire upgrade path appears to be bugged. I've tried to start the quest in three different games and can only get the broken arrow. After a rocket test fire, I run straight out of the tunnel and shoot the glowing stone with my bow to trigger the fireball and nothing happens. Aside from that, though, I love the map. Especially the bow. Man, I love that bow.
  8. No, you didn't. I'm talking about the people saying that the Shadowman is nyarlathotep, the creature in the sky is Cthulhu and the parasites are Mi-Go. I'm not just talking this thread, either. People are running with the mythos theories... I've even seen Yog-Sothoth and Shub-Nigurath name dropped.
  9. Spoiler warning about the EE content is probably a good idea... Someone's gonna point it out, it might as well be me, since I'm here. Sorry I can't be of any help with regards to your actual question... I've play DE like 4 times. I haven't even upgraded a bow yet. =P
  10. I see a lot of people on here trying to tie Zombies in directly with Lovecraft's works, but everything in SoE suggests that the Mythos is inspiration for the Overlords and all that, not plucked straight from the page. The shadowman bears no resemblance to Nyarlathotep save for the name "Shadowman" being similar to the description of one of Nyarl's forms. Obviously the parasites are inspired by Mi-Go, but are not called Mi-Go, and Lovecraft never wrote about any Overlords or a race of three-headed roid monsters.
  11. Yeah, I got nothing on the cocoons, but the key is in his hand in that pic. I think his right hand is just glitched downward instead of up holding the key, but it's there.
  12. Complete BS. Shooting him stops him from summoning in a bunch of wasps that will make your life miserable during the flag ritual.
  13. The change occurs after you complete all the PaP rituals. EE spoilers below
  14. Yeah, I was aware of Sam's original lines in Der Riese, but I thought those were also in reference to her playing with fluffy in the lab. It's been a while since I listened to all the audio logs though, which is where I thought I remembered that from. EDIT: Yeah, after a quick refresher, you're right. Maxis and Richtofen were experimenting on Fluffy when Sam walked in... There's a line from Maxis in that radio that I remembered wrong (He yells at Sam that he told her to never go in there, which I thought was him telling her not to play in the lab in a different radio =P). Still the fa
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