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  1. Oh, so there's more than just the one set? Hm... Yeah, that probably solidifies it, then. I just assumed people talking about the boxes beneath the map were referring to the Nacht ones that I had noticed... What about the tubes in the Apothican? Where are those port-boxes?
  2. Those boxes are used to store the characters during the teleport animation after entering a portal to or from Nacht. I've noticed their character outlines pop down there briefly whenever someone enters one of the portals. They probably serve the same purpose if you use the teleporter, but they do already have a purpose on the map in the portals. I'm pretty sure the teleporter will take us to Sam's room, though.
  3. I'm not sure about the spark + generator overrides tbh... I find it hard to believe players would be locked out of completing the EE because they turned on power (since generators can't be repeated) or lost the spark (Can't be found again if dropped, I don't think). I'm sure repairing the generator towers after the overrides is part of it (getting them spinning while red), but I doubt it has anything to do with the overrides themselves, or the spark. Since spark is a one time grab that can be lost, I figure it's probably for a lesser EE, like wall running for the perk, or the Nacht switches. Also, on a side note, completing the EE's on other maps isn't necessary for grabbing the spark. I can grab it and haven't completed any EE's. Your friend probably couldn't grab it because you already had it.
  4. I think what we're dealing with in Zombies now is the dev's using our expectations against us. We inherently don't trust Monty, because the people we trust in Zombies have ALWAYS betrayed us. So even when we basically get confirmation that Monty is God himself and has been the one helping us out since he decided to drop a mystery box in Nacht, we STILL think he's just waiting to pull the rug out. Considering that we can assume Monty is God now (Excluding 115 induced paranoia), I think we're dealing with a simple good/bad/ugly scenario. Christianity meets Lovecraft. Monty and Shadowman were once friends, and are probably beings of similar power (Either both are gods, or like in the Bible, Shadowman(Lucifer) was one of the first of Monty's(God's) creations). However Shadowman was corrupted by the Apothican's: The ugly. The Great Old Ones. Creatures from beyond Monty's universe that EAT universes. Once corrupted Shadowman basically becomes the modern depiction of the devil: Well-dressed, Handsome, soft-spoken... But lying with every word, and leading you further towards damnation. Also only a figure head for the less talkative horror terrors he serves. The community basically knows all this, but all it took was one sentence from the Shadowman (playing on our paranoia and mistrust) to turn us against Monty, even when we KNOW how hard SM lies and manipulates. On a side note, all of this has me remembering something that's always in the back of my head... "Primis will fail". Could this be why? Will we get all the way to the end, and stumble because the devil's silver tongue led us astray? Just musing.
  5. Found several Monty wisps last night that aren't up here yet. Can't recover them, however, because theatre mode only recorded half my game, and not the half where I FOUND all the wisps... Anywho, I'll do a dedicated wisp run at some point today and try and find the ones I found before. The jist of them was that the Shadowman wasn't always the apothican's harbinger and that he and Monty were friends once (Shadowman was apparently a pretty funny guy) until the Apothicans got a hold of him and made him what he is now. I also think there was a wisp that talked more about Richtophen's aversion to nuts, but I couldn't hear it very well when it played.
  6. MikeCirka

    All Ciphers

    Well, I did frequency analysis on "The Castle" and it doesn't look like English, but the odd placement of letters and that period near the end makes me think that a transposition cipher was used. So maybe it's encoded with two different ciphers. A transposition and a replacement or Caesar or something? If "The Castle" isn't the key, it's at least a hint to it. The other one is obviously a replacement, but without a key it'll take time to crack. No telling if the spacing can even be trusted...
  7. MikeCirka

    All Ciphers

    I guess my decryption was faulty? That's what I get for using using an online decryption instead of just doing it manually. EDIT: NO! It was just that stupid blank space that I NOTICED!!! I was so close... I spent all day trying to crack that and I was SO CLOSE!
  8. MikeCirka

    All Ciphers

    Okay, so I ran a frequency analysis on the typewriter note and it's a match for english, meaning it's a transposition cipher. I don't know if that was already narrowed down or not. I don't think it's VIC, since there's no 0 in the key. Also, @Nieno69 mentioned something strange about the bottom row, and I think it's the missing 5th character in the bottom row's first block, which would means a disrupted transposition, I guess? Still trying to narrow it down further... Maybe disrupted columnar, or even disrupted double columnar? God, I picked the wrong cipher to start my cryptography career on... e_e UPDATE: I've tried pretty much everything I can think of... Here are the results in case I'm missing something, but it doesn't look like there's much there... Amsco looked promising with a few words cropping up, but mostly still looks like gibberish: Decrypted with a basic columnar transposition- Same decryption with key as column order instead of labels - Double Columnar Transposition - Again with key as column order - Amsco - And finally Ubchi -
  9. MikeCirka

    All Ciphers

    In the key are the numbers 1-9 without any numbers repeated. There are also random bits of punctuation in the note itself. Has anyone tried rearranging the letters in 9 letter groups based on the key?
  10. Random Idea that may lead nowhere, but Icarus can be seen on the map and Richtofen has those 2 vials of blood from MotD on him... Has anyone tried using the labels as a key? DISCLAIMER: I know exactly jack about decoding cyphers or if my idea would even work.
  11. Man of Steel was a good movie! probably the only DCCU movie that will be... Fingers crossed for Suicide Squad, but not holding my breath.

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