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Obtain the Decay Kraken

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To proceed in the Easter Egg, you first need the Kraken wonderweapon. Ideally, you can obtain this weapon from the Mystery Box, but there is also another way to get it for free. If you already have the weapon from the box, proceed to the final part of this step, otherwise here is a guide to get the Kraken via an alternative way:


First, you need to kill a Stoker (the mini-boss with the hammer), who will then drop a key. This key can be used to open a box that can be found on either one of the following locations:

  • At Provisions
  • In the Mail Rooms
  • In the central hallway of the State Rooms
  • In the Turbine Rooms
  • In the Galley

When you located a chest, open it with the key and fill it with souls. This can be done by killing a sufficient amount of zombies around it. When it is filled, the chest will vanish and reappear at one of the other locations. Do this process three times (so fill a total of three chests), and after the third time the player will receive an object which hints where the Kraken can be retrieved.


If a telescope spawns in the chest, the player must then go to the Stern or Poop Deck. If it is a pair of binoculars, the player must head to the Bow. If it's a compass, the player must head to the Boat Deck. When you have reached the right location, a giant cephalopod tentacle will arise from the sea and drop the Kraken wonderweapon. Congratulations, but this step isn't finished yet.


Now you have the Kraken, but for the Easter Egg you also need the Decay (Acid) upgrade. This requires four parts:

  1. The Barrel: Can be found in the Cargo Hold, on the right wall just past the car or behind the main stairs on top of a large crate
  2. The Chamber: Can be found in the First Class Lounge, either on a table near the inside window or on another table that is on the inside corner of the lounge.
  3. The Tubing: Can be found in the Galley, in a shelf against the brick wall or on a table in the burning room
  4. The last part is rather complicated, and can be collected by killing an Elemental Catalyst Zombie. You can upgrade the Kraken in four ways, depending on which Catalyst you kill. For the Kraken upgrade required for the Easter Egg, however, you need to kill the Acid Catalyst. It will drop its concentrated radiance, collect it.


Take these parts to the crafting table in the Engine Room and craft the Decay Kraken



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