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  1. Some time in the future I will have to choose bettween origins or buried (for mark 2) what do you suggest?

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    2. MegaAfroMan


      Origins is probably one of my top 3, if not my favorite zombies map.

      But I like objectives and puzzles.

      If you hate games where you have to set up during the first 10-15 rounds or so, then you might not like it.

      The RGM2, is nice, but not better than Origins in my opinion. Besides it seems ultra-rare outside of Buried anyways. seems. never tested though.

    3. GRILL


      ORIGINS all the way. Buried is a sham of a map. If you like never seeing the sky and looking at orangish dirt, then get Buried. If you want to experience truly the best zombies experience from BO2, then get ORIGINS.

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