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  1. Phd Flopper in Die Rse is this a troll or is Treyarch trying to make us figure out how to get the phd flopper? the theory ive got is that you shoot the machine whit the Sliquifier and it will be dragged towards you. i know it is weird that if you get the Phd Flopper u can reach incredebly high rounds and dont take damagage from explosives hmm whit 7 Perks at one map would that be cheating we may never know.
  2. Ok In black Ops 1 in the end of MultiPlayer you will see a bomb drob besides nuketown .. and in the storyline Richofen is talking about something Maxis did wrong Maxis dropped the bomg the bomb had the virus all the online players tturned into zombies they sent the rockets from moon to earth to delete the zombies thats why earth was destroyed the zombies only spread Maxis Evil plan again we missied something from Call of the Dead George can talk whit electro Zombie.
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