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  1. Hmmmmm, maybe, just maybe, he extracted blood from this zombie/humanoid, which gives us our "Zombie Blood"?
  2. I believe, that since the map name is "Origins" that this is obviously the beginning of zombies, we find the O4 in Normandy battling the forces of the undead, and trying to save "Samantha" from Agartha. Tho my theory may seem far fetched, this could all be trickery from Samantha, due to the fact she was trapped in Agartha......she was obviously trapped in their for a reason. That reason being that she is evil. When Maxis and his crew started on excavation site 64, the awakened an evil, Samantha, and since Maxis awakened Samantha, she kept him in mind. Made up a lies to tell the O4, so she woul
  3. I think that the Remington New Model Army would be a nice fit on a wall somewhere, as it is not too powerful, but a contender with other wall weapons for quick buys, but loses power somewhat quickly.
  4. It has long been a dream of mine to see a call of duty where we will see EVERY SINGLE weapon known to man from WWI through modern combat, and it gives you settings, which would change the weapons in the game. For say, we play a new zombies map using WWI weapons, a wall weapon would be the M1903 Springfield; then next game you switch it to modern, and instead of a Springfield, you see a M40A5. And it let you use a mix of both weapons if preferred as well.
  5. I think that a good weapon would be the "Vapor-EYE-zer". Could be a wunder weapon that has two setting like the wave gun. One setting vaporizes all zombies on the battlefield, but you only get one round, and you can only carry that one round, and after fired you must rebuild a ammo cartridge that only spawns every 5 rounds. Secondly, the other setting on the gun could emit an intense flash of light which would blind and disorient the zombies for 15 seconds, and make them attack eachother, this also would have a limited ammo cap of only 10 rounds.
  6. One if the things that I would like to see, which was in [email protected] MP, but not in zombies was the bayonet attachment. I for one am tired of knifing the undead with a Bowie knife, and waiting to recover to strike again. It would be nice to be able to attach a Bowie knife on to the end of an AR or a shotgun. Faster recover times could mean life and death.
  7. So lysis being my first post, I've been spitballing all sorts of ideas of what to post. Lately I've been going back playing all of the old zombie maps, WAW and BO, and I've come up with the map idea. We could take our top 6 zombie maps and combine them all into one, and set them into different regions, and have roads connecting them like the way tranzit does. In each region, the weather changes and different special zombies. Say we pick shangri-la, we would face shriekers and napalm zombies.
  8. My first thoughts on origins, seemed quit natural, i was oblivious to almost everything, yea if pick up a part of something here and there.
  9. I think they've left so much unresolved, this can't be the end, they need too explain it all, which is why I'd say this isn't the end, but like they said, the beginning, maybe this is where the real story begins?
  10. Sorry if this thread seems a bit far fetched, I'm new on here, first post and from what I can gather, is that when you free Samantha, you send her back to where she was before this all happened, which was in her room with Eddie. I think that the entire Zombies Storyline is nothing but a reoccurring chain of events.
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