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  1. I believe, that since the map name is "Origins" that this is obviously the beginning of zombies, we find the O4 in Normandy battling the forces of the undead, and trying to save "Samantha" from Agartha. Tho my theory may seem far fetched, this could all be trickery from Samantha, due to the fact she was trapped in Agartha......she was obviously trapped in their for a reason. That reason being that she is evil. When Maxis and his crew started on excavation site 64, the awakened an evil, Samantha, and since Maxis awakened Samantha, she kept him in mind. Made up a lies to tell the O4, so she would be released. If you note, Richtofen doesn't seem to buy the story of hers. In the ending cutscene, we see that Samantha has possessed the daughter of Maxis, whose brain was transplanted into a newer host due to his past zombification. Funny how Samantha chose to stay close to maxis? I think not! She knew that he was very prominent, and could manipulate him to get exactly what she wanted, which was revenge for being trapped in Agartha for so long. So I believe that the ending cutscene is in or on the outskirts of the Der Riese facility, and our story which started in [email protected] is about to begin.
  2. My first thoughts on origins, seemed quit natural, i was oblivious to almost everything, yea if pick up a part of something here and there.
  3. I think they've left so much unresolved, this can't be the end, they need too explain it all, which is why I'd say this isn't the end, but like they said, the beginning, maybe this is where the real story begins?
  4. Sorry if this thread seems a bit far fetched, I'm new on here, first post and from what I can gather, is that when you free Samantha, you send her back to where she was before this all happened, which was in her room with Eddie. I think that the entire Zombies Storyline is nothing but a reoccurring chain of events.
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