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  1. Enjoy the cyan robes, some great users have worn them in the past. I think I left some jelly babies in the pocket.
  2. @caljitsu awesome work by you and the team, I have promoted this too twitter and facebook for you and pinned and featured here.
  3. Late bloomer here, tail end of BO and then it was BOII. I was always a CoD player but more so multiplayer tbh. I dabbled in zombies from the beginning but nothing serious. Then me and my mates got a team together just for kicks on multiplayer and we were sick of it and played zombies more and more. Thats when I really got into it, roughly 2011. Then, the rest is history.
  4. I’ll look at the font size, I personally don’t see the issue with the font size but others may.
  5. Agreed on both fronts, just about to board a flight, will have a look when I land tonight and get to the hotel. Reply needs a wee outline of sorts and definitely need to be able to collapse latest posts/topics.
  6. As Danny Says, thanks for the feedback, nav issue was a leftover and fixed (thanks @InfestLithium). Fonts fine, might need a wee colour change “maybe” but not much.
  7. @Mrs. Boom stay, we like you better than @Boom115 ????
  8. Test topic for discord integration
  9. Always good to see an old user @83457, pretty much in the same boat as you.
  10. To be honest, white was awful and I changed it immediately. Should be a bit lighter now though.
  11. Lets have a look at this, I have change it to white text, it's a bit much for me to be honest.
  12. I've changed the editor just now to a different version, the icons are images that are being called from within CK Editor, not the them. Will look into a solution.
  13. @Boom115 @RadZakpak Thanks for highlighting, it is the standard editor with no changes, however, the editor may be calling some of the css from the theme and I’ll look into this.
  14. @The Meh mentions appear good.
  15. No doubt you'll have noticed that we have upgraded the site and we now have a new theme, I'm sure you'll all agree it looks great and will take a little bit of getting used too. Hope you all like it, however, if you come across any bugs or such like, or something doesn't look/feel right. Please let us know below.
  16. DE has been the only map I’ve really played, it was good. The rest, touch n go.
  17. What is it with these folk called Craig ????
  18. Did you know? You can set a custom activity stream to follow the content you want to follow, you don't have to view all activity, you can choose what you want to view, how you want to view it. So lets say you want to view just Alpha Omega topics/post, then choose the relevant options with a custom stream, save the stream and call it whatever you want "Alpha Omega" sounds like a good shout. So how do you do it? I've set a custom stream to follow staus updates, records, topics and tournaments. You can also select the other options such as show me
  19. To be honest, I think the problems at SledgeHammer are a shame. I haven't played WWII and I really like 1st & 2nd World War type games. In fact it's what CoD was started on. It needs to go back to it's roots in some form. I'm totally pissed with the direction that all the CoD titles have taken except WWII, in fact, I might even buy it now just because it is a World War game. As for BOIIIII, I'm still a huge sceptic in the direction Zombies has taken and think the responsibility for this direction lays with Blundell, I think he has ruined it completely since BOIII and the only d
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