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Find Spoons

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Two spoons must be retrieved around the map. The Hell's Retriever will be necessary before these can be obtained.


Cell Block Spoon
This Spoon is located one or two cells down from the Warden's Office. Use the Hell's Retriever to rip the poster down inside the cell, revealing an afterlife emblem behind it.




Enter the afterlife and go through the blue door opposite the Warden's Office door. A spoon should be on the floor inside this area. Zap it with some electricity until you hear a laugh.




Cafeteria Spoon
This spoon is located behind the barricade window at the back of the cafeteria. Aim the Hell's Retriever at the spoon on the food cart on the left side of the window.




There are three bath tubs in the Infirmary. Two of these tubs are in the same room and the third is by itself. You will be using the tub in a room by itself for this step.


Stand by the Bathtub.
Press and hold down your action button.
A spoon will appear and begin stirring the blood in the tub.
Continue to hold down the action button until the spoon goes completely into the blood.
Stop pressing the action button.




Kill Zombies in the Shower with the Acid Gat

This step is exactly as it sounds. Go to the Showers and kill zombies with the acid gat. This normally takes between one and two rounds.
You can use the regular Acid Gat, or the upgraded Acid Gat. 




When you have completed this step you will hear laughing similar to the laughing you heard when you zapped the spoon. You can do all the previous steps before you have the Acid Gat, but will not be able to complete this step without it.


Take the Golden Spork
After you have completed the previous steps you will need to go back to the bath tub in the Infirmary that you stirred earlier press action next to the bathtub to collect the golden spork.




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