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  1. Apologies, for the downtime with the LFG - unfortunately a patch is not going to work for this issue and it needs a completely new version. We are working on it and should have something available next week.

    We know how frustrating it is and appreciate the patience.

  2. From WaW through to Black Ops 3, map by map, game by game - what remains unanswered, what has been answered, when did the story divert from what was originally being told/did it divert? When did apothicons and margwas first get introduced what was the purpose, did the ending answer everything, was it a good or bad ending?

    Lets keep it on topic and factual please.

  3. Honestly, if Blundell is the story man and responsible for the direction - which we know he is. Then he is solely responsible for BOIII and the utter disgrace he brought to the franchise and to the ending of this story.

    We bought into this for years and all he has done is ignore pretty much everything that was before BOII and took us on a widl tangent of aliens and apothicons and utter fucking drivel.

    Compete and total waste of my time to be honest, I only like Der Eisendrache and Gorod Krovi, even BOII was better than this shite (in fairness two of my favourite maps were on BOII, MoTD and Origins).

  4. 1 hour ago, anonymous said:

    @Mods, just take a look at this http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special:RecentChanges

    You see the recent wiki changes: RadZakpak creates a page, and immediately after that, the wiki is spammed full again by these bots. This happens all the time. I don't know how they got on this site, but there is a way to prevent this. I hope it is possible to create the idea Rad and I suggested.

    I'm on it and will get it looked into and see what I can do. The wiki and the site are independent and seperate sign ons, other than make restrictions, the only other options is disabling new registrations and manually adding users as the lin between the two is proving difficult.

  5. If you are aware of this new feature called clubs, this is now available for all Xbox One preview members, if you aren't then this is a new feature along with "looking for group" that will be coming to Xbox soon.


    We have an official Xbox One club and anyone can join, if you want to search for the club, go to communties, then clubs on xbox and search for CoD Zombie Forum. 


    For more information have a look at the following article - https://news.xbox.com/2016/09/06/xbox-clubs-lfg-preview/


    It's available now, looking forward to seeing you all.

  6. Thanks for the patience today, the update took longer than anticipated as an issue with connectivity with our ftp server and IPS server was encountered, it menat that we had to upload all files rather than the updated files which takes a little longer as you can appreciate.


    We are back online but we need to update the theme to take account of some styling changes and new features functions and fix a couple of bugs. Howeever we can't process the theme update due to a memory error when uploading this file and we have a ticket open for this again (it was supposed to be fixed in this version but it hasn't been) - if you notice anything, please let us know.

  7. I took the plunge and watched a bit of The Relaxing Ends stream on YouTube and I have to say, I impressed with how they have put all the maps together to form one map. It appears to flow pretty well.


    Anyone who has played got any opinions on the map layout?

  8. 1 hour ago, anonymous said:

    Sounds great. Will it also be for windows phone once?


    OK, as it stands no. It is not worth the investment for so little user was the response received. However, the understanding they have is that windows phones will soon support Android - so the answer will probably be a yes if that's true.

  9. We are now in the world of apps, we have at present our app live and available for download on the Apple App store.




    Now, I had a helluva fight with Apple trying to get the app name we wanted which was "CoDz Forum" or "callofdutyzombies.com" but due to trademark issues they wouldn't approve either of them. Even though CoDz is not trademarked or forum and callofdutyzombies.com is legally owned by us and we provided the proof that they required they refused due to association.


    So, the app is call "The Number One Zombies Community - for Call of Duty Zombies" as it was the name Apple basically said would be accepted (trust me, I've been fighting for 3 weeks on this issue).


    It essentially the same as the Tapatalk app, when you access the forum via the tapatalk app but now you don't need to go through Tapatalk to access the site, you can simple access the site via the CoDz app.


    Once in the app, it is white background but if you go to settings from the menu in the top right, you can change the look and feel and go to the night reading mode for a grey tone background. You can include or exclude your signature (defaulted to sent from iphone using call of zombies mobile app). 


    We hope you all enjoy and use the new app, the Android app will follow shortly.

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