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  1. Hells Warrrior

    CoDZ + Collateral Network

    Staying in the background for what seems like 2 years now, I've not had much dealings with the site apart from the occassional intervention. Will be good to see how things move for the community, forum software is forum software. Be that vBulletin, phpBB, Invision suite (which we run) or others such as Xenforo. Some have different activity functionality and "slightly" different layouts but in essence they are the same. Reddits not a forum in the traditional sense, it's more complicated and less intuitive in my view - although I'm pretty oldskool when it comes to forums. I started running forums with Ikonboard back in 2001 and ventured to YaBB and others. I've always preferred the service and the options supplied by Invision & I've been with them on several forums now for over 15 years. Occasionally involved in sites such as CoDz, that had phpBB/vBulletin/myBB/. CoDz was running phpBB and tried to migrate to vBulletin which failed spectacularly, we still had the licence for it but attempted migrations was a nightmare, they kept failing on the test setup, no matter what. It was pretty messed up, so we switched to Invision pretty much straight after I got involved and we have been using Invision for over 4 years now. Change is not always appreciated, not always seen as a requirement or having a need for change other than when someone comes in that is used to a different forum software (such as myself a few years back). Bottom line, change can be good, it can open up new avenues, times change and that's OK. Embrace changes that occur, remember CoDz is about it's members and not one individual. We're all still here in some guise and we're all happy to help. My only concern is losing features on this site, which we had custom built (LFG). However, having 4 kids ranging from 16 to 1.5, running the business, travelling up and down the UK on a nearly weekly basis and travelling to places like Germany, Austria, Lithuiana. Time for the family, myself & CoDz has become near impossible. So the admins with the time and dedication & with more time on their hands than me. Is a good thing for the site and the community. Here's to the future.
  2. Hells Warrrior

    Custom Zombies Live Stream

    I know, I know, it's spamming a live stream but the boy needs some viewers and followers. If anyone would like to watch him doing some custom zombie maps and follow him, it would be appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/thatguyfergy/
  3. Hells Warrrior

    Custom Zombies Live Stream

    Hey guys, like my dad said it's from 17:00 onward. And we'll see, we might get a father + son stream soon you never know. Oh yeah and i'm using my dads account apologies i just realised
  4. Hells Warrrior

    Custom Zombies Live Stream

    Nah, he's on PC & if I venture into his room I may never return.
  5. Hells Warrrior

    Custom Zombies Live Stream

    He streams every day at 5pm/6pm. Not sure about weekends - he's been doing a lot of custom zombie streams and Fornite amongst others @He11s Defender get yer butt in here and chat to the guys.
  6. Hells Warrrior

    Airing Grievances.

    I’m coming into this late and I’m going to apologise for the lack of help I’ve supplied (visibly). I took the decision to take a step back. I was leaving as I had no interest in the game but @InfestLithium @Boom115 amongst other showed me it was the people rather than the game ghat was important. You have no idea the friendships I’ve struck up here, purely based on a game. To the extent I will be making a visit to the states to see @Boom115and his family and I’ve invited them here to stay. I wan’t to meet up with @InfestLithiumand @GRILL and others. It’s strange how you strike up a relatiobship with people you have never met. However, I have always been about taken care of the backend (server) and helping when i was needed and always in converse with the team. If anyone has ideas that can be implemented and things fixed which are broken, I’m only to happy to fix. If we need to implement or remove things, then we should. How do we get better, how do we get people onboard? Our SEO needs to be addressed but maybe we should make a “site” rather than just a forum? Maybe we need constant news feeds updated all the time. We did try but we can’t do ut ourseves and the help was/is limited. Maybe we need toreach out to the big YouTubers for link backs and mentions that started their careers here. Maybe we need to eat some humble pie and accept that we are just not that important within the community anymore? Maybe all that people want / need is on YouTube. I for one think we need a custom page built with every single easter egg, from every game/map as walkthroughs and videos. I’m not extremely active but I’m not far away and we can all make this work with some hardwork and help from our members.
  7. Hells Warrrior

    I'm playing again

    I just switched BOIIII on for the first time this weekend, played a bit of blackout and a couple of lobby games of BOTD and I'm OK with the game and the guns etc. I wasn't expecting much and I'm happier with what I see than I thought I would be. I'm not going to be playing it every night of the week for a few hours before bed but I'm back in the game for a while anyway,. I'll be getting a few games in with the boys. Need to figure out the locations of everything but what was intriguing me, was why everyone tends to go up to the catwalk area after getting out of the starting room? Why not go to the first dog room down to your right and then through the gate to the power switch? Seemed to me like a strange choice?
  8. Hells Warrrior

    I'm playing again

    I see, learning something then. I thought getting first dog out of the way then advance would have been a better option.
  9. Hells Warrrior

    kumbaya boombyeyeah

    What? I never said hello? Bit late now tbh lol
  10. Hells Warrrior

    To Build Upon Foundations.

    Bawbag It's nearly midnight when I get to jump on with you young ones - at least it used to be lol
  11. Hells Warrrior

    To Build Upon Foundations.

    CoDz youtube was linked to my gmail at one point and no longer seems to be the case and recovering it is a complete nightmare (if not impossible). I'm around to help with anything and they lads know that. Work takes priority of course but I ain't someone that backs out on round 30 because of downs or because it's past my bedtime
  12. Hells Warrrior

    Medal Request Topic

    Medals List **In-game medals require photo confirmation** Site Achievements -Complete a 4 player Co-op game of Zombies with 3 other CoDz members. -Be a previous or current winner of the user of the month competition -Contributed an idea that was implemented into the site -Earn 10 CoDz medals -Earn 20 CoDz medals -Earn 30 CoDz medals -Have a topic approved for the Asylum -Awarded to those with outstanding, dedicated strategies (Staff-awarded ONLY) -Awarded to those with oustanding, dedicated theories (Staff-awarded ONLY) Game Achievements -Reach Round 40 in DOA. -Get 150 headshots in a single zombies game -Earn all achievements/trophies in WAW, BO1, BO2, BO3, or BO4. -Complete the side quests in Black Ops II in favour of Maxis. New! (Cannot obtain if you have the "Richtofen's Servant" medal.) -Complete the side quests in Black Ops II in favour of Richtofen. New! (Cannot obtain if you have the "Maxis' Assistant" medal.) - Earn Max Prestige in Zombies. - Complete the "Nightmares" campaign. - Acquire a mass unused total of 115 Liquid Divinium. - Survive a total of 500 rounds. - Survive a total of 1,000 rounds. - Survive a total of 2,500 rounds. - Survive a total of 5,000 rounds. - Survive a total of 10,000 rounds. - Gobble up any Gobblegum 50 times. - Gobble up any Gobblegum 100 times. - Gobble up any Gobblegum 250 times. - Gobble up any Gobblegum 500 times. - Gobble up any Gobblegum 1,000 times. - Play in Zombies for a collected 10 days. - Play in Zombies for a collected 25 days. - Play in Zombies for a collected 50 days. - Play in Zombies for a collected 100 days. - Play in Zombies for a collected 500 days. Miscellaneous - Donate to CoDz. No Mans Land medals Rank 1 - 100 kills Rank 2 - 200 Kills Rank 3 - 250 Kills Rank 4 - 300 Kills Rank 5 - 340 Kills
  13. Hells Warrrior

    Lost but not forgotten

    Yer still around like most of us but just not as active, does that say something about the site, the game or us as individuals? For me it's the game, the site is great and so are the people but the site can't be the saviour but will hold fond memories for folk. Stick around though - you are missed along with others.
  14. Hells Warrrior


    Apologies for unexpected downtime, I forgot about the server bill needing to be paid. We then got suspended and I needed to wait for cash to clear balance. it reiterates the reliance on staff paying to keep the kettle on and the importance of donations. Again apologies, will try and ensure it doesn’t happen again.
  15. Hells Warrrior

    Broken Profile Images

    Apologies for the broken profile images. I moved all images, css, javascript to Amazon s3 storage and I'm also setting up CDN (Content Delivery Network), to improve site performance / speed etc. Most files have transferred but an issue with profile pictures has occurred, I have a couple of system errors within Invision that I have raised a ticket about and I'm confident they are related to the pictures not transferring but it may not be. This is being investigated and a solution expected soon.
  16. Hells Warrrior

    Broken Profile Images

    Apologies all, I haven't had the time to get deep into this until today but it seems to be the case that local storage v's S3 storage has somehow corrupted profile pictures within the uploads folder and some are missing, some are not some are on S3 some are not and I'm not entirely certain why but it's my fault. Can you manually update your profile pictures temporarily please?
  17. Hells Warrrior

    Broken Profile Images

    Profile images, we are reattemping upload to Amazon S3 - issue should be resolved.
  18. We are making some changes to the site and generally speaking it is to do with security and changes in data collection in Europe with the new GDPR legislation coming into force. The first stage of our changes, is that have now introduced two factor authentication. What does it mean? What handlers will be using? Google Authenticator & Additional security questions. When will you be promted? When you access the site. What will require two factor authentication? You will have 3 attempts for authentication success, after which you will be sent a link via email (to the registered email address) to reset two factor authentiication. If for some reason you cannot reset (such as losing your phone) then the following scenario will apply. Send an email with a link to reset two factor authentication set up Contact administrator to manually reset We urge you to also setup security questions. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/settings/account-security/ We have also introduced a new option that is displayed to guests/members regarding our privacy policy, code of conduct, terms of service. We will be asking all members to accept these changes. The biggest change to the terms, is that you have the right to request you account to be deleted. The content that is posted belongs to callofdutyzombies.com and remains the property of callofdutyzombies.com - if the account is entirely deleted, it can also delete content which can and will disrupt the flow of a topic / conversation. That is why user deletion will be implemented going forward but it will not include content deletion. We will do our best to remove any personally identifiable information but we cannot search every post/topic you have made for this information and if it is in a post or topic, then you really shouldn't have gave out personally identifiable information unless you intended to do so. If you have any difficulties intially with any of the above, please contact us
  19. Hells Warrrior

    GDPR, Account Security + Privacy Policy & Terms Updated

    We basically moved all images, javascript, css to amazon s3 storage. It takes time but I think a wee snag has hit user profile pictures and I'm looking into it (both aspects are unrelated).
  20. Hells Warrrior

    GDPR, Account Security + Privacy Policy & Terms Updated

    Just a complete update to be honest and making data retention user requested more stringent. We'll most likely have to send an email out before the 25th May asking users if they still wish for us to contact them. If not, they'll no longer receive communication from us but that is really only for European members (impossible to distinguish - well not "impossible" just very labour intensive and I haven't got the time).
  21. Hells Warrrior

    GDPR, Account Security + Privacy Policy & Terms Updated

    Look at it which way you like to be honest, I'm personally finding it a drag on my resources at work at the moment to make sure we are compliant. The data protection rules have been needing an update for some time and long overdue. Anyone that holds information about you (in Europe anyway legally) and morally in the rest of the world should be held accountable for any of that data. What it does with that data and how it protects that data (however minimal) from peering eyes. So we are going full https on this site, introduced two step authentication to make your data more secure. Emails and password can be sold on the dark web and it can have a knock on effect elsewhere, that could have repurcussions financially. If the breach was here for example, and then sold on. It would be us that were responsible for the data breach and if haven't taken the appropriate steps to make the data we hold more secure, we would be held accountable personally. We ain't a business but my name is on the domain and breaches of this new act, will be directed towards me and the other admins and to be honest - we need to take action. Additionally, the terms etc. have been updated and as we are hosted in the US, we are primarily a US website we are covered by US law but we also service throughout the world so need to have some form of "protection" both for us an our members and we need to adhere to the relevant laws.
  22. Hells Warrrior

    Addressing The "Time Online" Glitch.

    The plugin is fixed but will not be upgraded. It was a free plugin and is now $15, it required removal of the old plugin and all stats would be deleted and time online would start a fresh. It’s not worth it or the hassle and has been permanently removed.
  23. Hells Warrrior

    Addressing The "Time Online" Glitch.

    The time onlin is a plugin, rather than part of the core system. I'm looking into it just now, see if I can identify anything or if any update exists. If not, I'll probably disable it.
  24. Hells Warrrior

    Addressing The "Time Online" Glitch.

    Thanks, it’s just so it doesn’t get lost in the aether.
  25. Hells Warrrior

    Addressing The "Time Online" Glitch.

    I’ll have a look into it, could you post it under the bugs page for us please?

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