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  1. You can do four player local, so you may not need to be online, but I'm not sure. Are you on easy mode, or using custom options?
  2. Did you go to round infinity? For Richtofen's side, you complete the guillotine, then light the orbs with the Paralyzer, then get the lamp, then do three more steps, THEN go to round infinity. I've gotten the lamp in solo, but I don't think the entire challenge can be completed. In the Mob of the Dead Easter egg, you could complete every single step of the Easter egg except the absolute last one. In Tranzit, you could complete Richtofen's side up until the last step (I believe). So it may not be possible.
  3. I would say that the most useful buildable is the trample steam, because unlike the resonator it doesn't require two a turbine or stall out, and unlike the head chopper it never really misses or slows down. If you are camping, the trample steam is ideal. However, the head chopper can be useful for trains. I also use the Mark II and the Paralyzer, with the AN when I have Mule Kick,
  4. Also, one of the smaller motor oats from on top of the Hijacked boat is on the shore.
  5. This is a great strategy, and pretty close to how I play. You don't need to open any doors, however: you can run from the cave path in the stables to get to the Saloon, and hit the bullseye from the second floor. Then you can jump to the second floor of the candy shop, saving 750 points. You can also run up the mine path from the saloon, and fall on the roof outside the bank from the hole in the path. This will save you another 750. Ultimately, you'd have to run the path from the stables twice, though, so it may not be worth your time. I should also mention that you can save 500 points if you
  6. I always break the barriers in the following order, and it is possibly one of the most lucrative methods: From Juggernog to Gunsmith: About 1800 points at max, if the debris here is not broken. You will make more money if you break open the gunsmith first. To Juggernog from Gunsmith: I consistently get 2020 points here, by standing at the back of the building, against the chalk outline. Gunsmith to Courthouse: Approximately 1500 points. Candy Shop to Church: About 1000. I usually get a bit under 1000 (980 or 990), so this is the only area that is not worth more than the cos
  7. Although most people may have already realized this now that the map has been released, the reason there is not a tear in the left side to mirror the tear in the Die Rise page is because Buried's page is not on the back of Die Rise's page. It is behind Die Rise's page, on a different piece of paper. So it wouldn't make sense for the tear to be there.
  8. Beat

    Time Bomb Explanation

    No, I'm not sure what that patch note means. I lost my monkey bombs after picking up the time bomb when I played a game following the update, so one player can apparently not have both. However, I have not tried taking monkey bombs from the box while holding a time bomb (Or while having one already thrown). I will test this next time I play. All zombies or ghosts that are present will revert to the Throw point. Also, I believe that any zombies who were right next to a player at the Throw point will vanish / be killed when you return, but I need to check and confirm, so I will also test th
  9. I think that the FEAR TEDDY theory is a bit unlikely. Although the Black Ops 1 DLC packs intentionally spelled out FEAR, I feel that it is unrelated to the Black Ops 2 maps and DLC. I think the goal of the Black Ops 1 DLC was only to spell "fear". Even though the next pack may end in y and spell "teddy", it is likely that the two words aren't connected.
  10. I have seen that a lot of people are pretty confused by how the time bomb works. Here is a quick explanation. When you throw a time bomb, it will "save" at the point at which it is thrown. When you use the time bomb later, you will return to the "save" created. However, some things will not come back, but instead stay how they were. So, basically, there are two points in time: the Throw point, which is when the bomb was thrown, and the Use point, which is when the bomb was used to go back in time. Using a time bomb makes some things return to the Throw point, but will also keep some
  11. You can earn two free perks from the ladies in the mansion in one round if you have a time bomb. To do this trick, run through the mansion and go outside, by the hedge maze. Now, throw a time bomb, then kill the rest of the witches, until the last one dies and the perk bottle is dropped. Don't pick up the bottle, and use the time bomb. Because the time bomb acts like a drop, when you go back in time, it will stay and can be picked up. After that, just kill the last few witches again to get a second perk.
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