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  1. Wow, this one is certainly confusing! The only thing i don't understand is if it is a punishment, why is it so extreme? For example, imagine you accidently activated this 'glitch' and lost two PaP weapons plus 10000+ points. You would be a very pee'd off. Glitches annoy everyone, especially if it ruins your game. It makes no sense to punish a community that loves this game so dearly. But that is my opinion. I will experiment tonight and see if i can delve deeping into this
  2. Im curious about this. I know the 4 are repeating a cycle the same in as DR and MOTD. But it seems strange that the quote is triggered once leaving the farm.. Ourobos mentioned in another thread that there was a turbine/wind farm past nact. Prehaps were still thinking inside the box? Apprently the wind farm isn't within players reach, so maybe we have to recreate our own wind farm? I havent yet thought of any reasons why we would need another power source. As the turbines do fine on there own opening doors etc. Just thought i'd let you experts know, but im sure you've already picked up on this Keep it up, i know were not done here yet.
  3. Remeber guys, were not quite finished at GR. We might have to come back to do some 'spring cleansing' AWE!
  4. You say 'main areas' but the cornfield isnt as such a 'main' area. Well atleast not like - Depot, Diner, Lab or power room, Town. Has anyone had the avogadro spawn elsewhere except these locations? I hope we get to the bottom of this church soon!
  5. AWE

    Greetings all

    I could never refuse a game of zombies GT: ashO8 (capital o not 0)
  6. I think xbox is only split screen. So you could system link with two consolse and two TV's. Hope this helps
  7. Good day to you all! My name is Ash, new to posting here (obviously) but been following for a while. I'm a keen Xbox player mainly zombies, play mostly every evening. I'm forever reading this forum at any spare chance I get, feeding my brain more knowledge of zombies. I'm always building theories in my head and I can't wait to start building them up and posting them here. Thanks to all for this forum, I've enjoyed reading everything seen on here. I can't wait to get involved!
  8. Thanks guys. My zombie knowledge is good but not great. I only got into zombie from BO2 but I research a lot. Hate is such a strong word . But I do agree, I want the story to keep progressing. Giving us new weapons, new zombies, new everything! But unfortunately we don't always get what we want. Remember that Richthofen wanted the N4 to 'fix the rift'. This is our task. You mention picking sides, i understand this from the previous two Easter eggs. But when you watch the GLF opening 'video' on solo, Richthofen 'teleports' you there. Why would he do this if you helped maxis in the previous EE?
  9. Hello all! Been following this forum for a while now and thought it was about time I started to give you guys my theories. I'm forever researching about zombies and this forum kicks ass! Anyway, straight to it! I would like to bring the afterlife / purgatory up for discussion. I believe that the N4 have moved on from the GLF and somehow Richthofen has given the group a 'special power' to some how posses someone in a different time period (MoTD). I don't have much evidence to support this theory. But I hope what I do have can shed a little light? Right, we all know colours play a big part to zombies. Richthofen's colour is blue, same as what the afterlife looks like. Also, in the trailer for MoTD it seems that you have to find 'your body' basically like whos who. I think that the N4 'teleported' to this location and now they have to find a human to posses, so the can complete their task. Would also like to add that when your in GLF you are asked to mend the rifts. Rifts, portals, sort of similar if you ask me. I believe the N4 have been sent back to achieve something for Richthofen. That, I don't know. I believe it has to do with the new 'zombie controller'. Perhaps the voice that Richthofen used to hear is actually the original 'zombie controller' and he has to somehow defeat or destroy this being/entity to gain more power over the zombies/world. I've read in other threads about how there might be other beings/entity's in the MPD with Richthofen? Sorry I don't have anymore evidence at this point but will try my best to crack this. Thanks for reading guys, need your help now to either expand or collapse this theory. GO!
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