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  1. I'm only saying ax 7 due to the fact: They have their model on file, they have already been introduced into the game, and would belong in hell.... No need to get so personal... wasnt trying to get "personal" but ive seen other threads on the idea of them in a zombies map. I doesnt help that i terribly despise them as a whole. Personally i think it would be better if they used Woods, Mason, Reznov, and Kravchenko. and fill in the nova gas gap with kino and five.
  2. I dont see the obsession with this band. Is it because you all like poser metal or because the after credits clip after campaign? I dont think the idea of in general is a good one. To me its as bad as saying Black Veil Brides would be great etc. etc.
  3. They said that the Peacekeeper was a trial run. So anything extra will be Microtransactions based.
  4. ^ i believe it should be this Stu:Executioner and Python Russman:RPG 7 and War Machine Misty:1216 and S12 Marlton:Ray Gun and Galil or RPD(?)
  5. I just went to 48 on town solo ranked and spent over 300,000 on the box and never got it...
  6. something should be announced Tuesday or Wednesday. rumored release is within the first half of July.
  7. Im not sure if it has been discussed yet, but I'm thinking green run is more current than the 80's. As soon as I looked at the prices on the menu in the Diner instantly make me think present day.
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