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  1. It can't have repeating letters... It doesn't matter if the letter repeats, every time it occurs after its first use you just skip.
  2. Key words don't matter if we don't have the correct order of letters for the 5x5 polybius square.
  3. I've got a method and theory, and I want to know what you think of it. The Keyword is irrelevant. The gave us our clue on how to solve it by leaving out null letters to even out the columns, therefore we can conclude that they the last two columns should in fact be the first two (with 2 combinations). That leaves us with the remaining 4. This can be arranged in 4! possible ways. (24 combinations) Combine that with the two and we have a possible 48 combinations for this code. After converting into columns we can use any polybius square (mine is just a-z plain and simple) to convert it into letters. We can then use generic decryption methods (like the ones grandmas use when solving the crptoquote in the newspaper. Unfortunately we won't have the benefit of spacing. The only problem with this is that only 1 solution will work and 47 will not that will leave us a lot of time looking for something when there is nothing to be seen. For example I reorder the original columns from 123456 to 561234 giving me: GDFFGX GFGFFA GFGGDD FFFFXX FGFDGF FGFDGF FFFDGG AAFGFG DXFXFX GFXFXD FFFAGG AF Using my generic polybius square I got rnu ssl tgn nzo mso msn mta ook pps xwn ltc I did my best to decrypt it from here and all I can get is "to seen chood prepre or cappille buoncy" or "nsfee boys sp the the shout tilled as bor" So I don't think this is the one, but I am determined to keep trying. So does that mean we could try and use that 4x4 grid and place it within the 5x5? I read somewhere that the code in the square doesn't have to be written horizontally or vertically, it can be written in any order. upon making it that is.
  4. Yes. Exactly! If we only have ADFGX, then why would you use an ADFGVX cipher. If we can figure out the polybius square then its easier to decode the keyword and thus solving the cipher. But sadly its not that simple. A standard matrix has the letters A-Z (except for i and j, they are combined into one to fit into the 5x5 square) written from left to right in the rows. I'd like to know some ideas for the matrix that you guys have used, (if you have tried) I've used a ton myself. I've even gone as far as sitting here hitting the randomize button for about 10 minutes straight trying to see if by that small ****ing chance I would get it. Edit: Also it doesnt make a difference if you have the same letter repeat. For every time it appears in you matrix after it's first use you just skip it and move on.
  5. Seeing as it seems like very little support is given to figuring this out, I thought I would post a few things on the forum about it and maybe we can collectively work together on it. I will give you a few links to online cyphers and some pages that explain ADFGX ciphers and the difference between ADFGX and ADFGVX. Here is the cipher from the video: FFGXGD GFFAGF GGDDGF FFXXFF FDGFFG FDGFFG FDGGFF FGFGAA FXFXDX XFXDGF FAGGFF AF http://ruffnekk.stormloader.com/adfgx_tool.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ADFGVX_cipher Personally I have been working on this since seeing it. I've been working closely with my zombie research team and we are trying to figure it out. Any help is accepted.

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