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  1. Were they able to clean up the audio at all so we could make sense of it possibly?
  2. Those sounds are supposed to indicate the alarms resetting for use again. But otherwise thats a pretty solid theory though. Good idea.
  3. Personally I think there is more to this EE on the giant. It's not like treyarch to make a big deal out of such a popular map and put little to no effort into the EE side of the map. I think that whatever EE's are on this map, are just hidden extremely well and they want us to work for them this time around.
  4. This must be the trailer they mad for the ps3 release. I haven't seen it before. I thought it was better than the rest.
  5. It was recorded with my hd pvr. And I've done this same thing in four different games. And two of those games i have done it two or more times in. Personally i don't think this is a glitch only because i have recreated it so many times.
  6. So me and two other people tried out a crazy theory that one of us had heard from somewhere. It was getting 100-150 kills in the room by jugg. So we did and this is what happened: the afterlife doorway was visible when we weren't in afterlife. After going into afterlife or leaving the main prison and returning it disappears. but you can get it again by repeating the same steps as before. Let me know what you guys think of this. Just an FYI: i was not the first to find this. someone else was I will link his youtube. His youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHVSuz0fRLHnhXKemVVlZUg/videos?view=0&flow=grid My video: Comment with any theories and ideas. :)
  7. Can you please show me where I can find the information on the 4th piece? Yes sir I can. I will go take a screen shot for you and post back here in a few mins.
  8. Is it just me or did anyone else realize that the guy that made the OP is actually missing one of the strips of paper? I know of four of them. I dont think there is anymore than that. Just thought i would bring this to everyone's attention.
  9. If you have the shield as well and get cornered shoot the zombies and turn so the shield is to the zombies and you take no damage from the acid. Rinse and repeat until you're unstuck from the corner. :)
  10. But there is no dead guy to collect the drop where it was at. It was just the green flash.
  11. Great theory. Makes sense that it would keep track of your progression in the steps, but I've done the EE over a dozen times and i have never had the lighthouse stop spinning as i progress through the steps. I have checked every time i have done it. I'm not trying to tell you "oh that's a dumb idea and your stupid" I'm just coming forward and letting you know what i have personally experienced. It's a great theory though dude. Keep it up.
  12. The FFGXGD letters that you are talking about are a different cipher than the one on this thread. Its an ADFGX cipher used in WW1 as well. But its way more complex and harder to figure out, seeing as you need to know the correct placement of the letters in its polybius square and you need a special keyword to decipher it. No one that ive heard anywhere has made any progress on it.
  13. Hey, has anybody looked around on the web for how to decipher a prison code? My first thought when i saw these papers is that it could be a code between the prisoners telling them of something to come, or of a plan that they might be formulating to do something with each other in the prison. It would make sense that it could be that, but i could also be wrong. I'm willing to work with all of your ideas to figure this out. Hit me up if you have ideas. I think we can figure this out if we all contribute whatever knowledge we know and learn and whatnot.
  14. There is no green flash there. It's just your eyes playing tricks on you. There is alot of yellow and orange colors from the explosion/fire on him.
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