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  1. Updated the post again. Thank you for the info!
  2. Yeah the room is kind of hard to describe. Updated the post with more details.
  3. For those who don't know, I will list where to find the parts to each and every staff. Ice- Can be dug up, and the disc is in the room with the four stone tablets that can be picked up. I believe it is also the same room the box starts off in, and has an mp40 on the wall. Fire- Can be dug up, given as a reward for completing generator 6, and one must be obtained from a glowing plane flying around. Shoot it down. Lightning- While on the tank, there are three platforms you can jump on to that lead to staff parts. One is before the first stop and to the right. The second is to
  4. Oh man...that looks so epic. MUST HAVE! Only 31 days to go...
  5. Kwasa


    No. Too many people whined about TranZit. Treyarch will never try to make nor boast about a map being large again. Coulda sworn I read that somewhere...oh well. I personally don't like maps being ridiculously big like Tranzit.
  6. Kwasa


    This map has so much stuff in it, I can't wait to play it! On topic: I think that either those are going to be in the background, or maybe there is a different giant for different sections of the map. They did state this to be the largest map yet right?
  7. Banned for getting my friends killed while winding you up.
  8. Dr. Neo Cortex Salvador (borderlands 2) Kirby Osama Bin Laden It would be amazing...and hilarious.
  9. It becomes a work camel. I EMP a bag of LAYS chips.
  10. I really hope this is how they work. As much as I want to have both an ice staff and fire staff, it would be beyond overpowered. Also I wouldn't doubt if they have infinite ammo. The way things are looking, this could be one of the easiest or hardest maps yet.
  11. This map is probably going to be the most confusing yet epic map yet. Also, four ways to revive someone? Perhaps one of the staffs is like a life staff?
  12. A very interesting theory that makes some sense. I'm not completely sold, but I can't really think of any holes either. Good work!
  13. Has anyone else noticed how, at the very end, Richtofen doesn't leap forward like everyone else?
  14. Makes sense to me, though I think only candy is a stimuli. As for Booze, I think that is just a drunken rampage kind of thing. Could be wrong, could be right.
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