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  1. I'm going to try not to be too disappointed with it since we don't have full understanding of it right now. But I mean its like they acknowledged they screwed up with the green run cast tossed under the bed/table. As of now it seems the path I chose for the towers was pointless, the green run cast was pointless, and Buried was just one big cliffhanger. The maps are excellent fun, but seem just seem like it was building up to a end game we didn't get. was really hoping for more I guess, a Green Run conclusion with a appearance from the 04. I knew what we were getting as soon as I heard the name Origins but at least give us a reason for fooling with the green run cast.
  2. Marlton has my vote. I can vaguely relate to the nerdy-ness of him, I just really wish he wasn't such a blank character. I didn't mind Samuel because the conspiracy theory gargle was kinda funny. But after Die-Rise dropped my friends coined the term "The curse of Samuel" because the unlucky one to get him got to listen to moans and groans the rest of the game haha. Haven't liked him since (really cool backstory though.) Misty has some fun quotes. I never mind getting her. And then the Russman. I initially though he was just there for comic relief (he has the funniest quotes in my opinion) but it seems there's more to him then meets the eye. My list goes 1. Marlton 2.Russman/Misty 3. Samuel....
  3. Ah it's killing me haha , I must admit I do want to finish what I started. The plot twist is actually quite interesting to the story as well.
  4. Thanks a billion, I'm dreading pressing that button but I can't stand the plot twist haha.
  5. It seems Samantha has been busy during the events of The Green Run cast. I have been wondering how this is possible myself but we can be pretty sure she's not on the moon. It's just a piece of the puzzle I don't think has been given to us yet. Based on Richtofen's dialogue she can't be on the moon, although he can be lieing it seems not even he is sure of there location. This gives me hope there will be two more DLCs instead of one. One pertaining to Samantha and possibly the remaining O3, that unfolds the events off of the moon leading to Argatha. And a final zombie only DLC like was featured in the original Black Ops. Including a Zombies finale wrapping up the Maxis-Richtofen story arc and maybe some map remakes. I can only hope for a filler featuring the original cast but I really think she is gone from Griffin Station.
  6. :?: Hey all, Blur here, and I am wondering how exactly I change my Easter egg path, (I was disappointed with Maxis's Buried ending.) I know it's such a simple question but multiple Google searches have got me no where. Can I simply just do the Easter Eggs over on the Richtofen side of things? Thanks guys.
  7. I thought of the CDC and CIA is kind of place holders really. Gun slingers would be cool for sure.
  8. I would say it may just be the CDC or CIA. I would flip if it was the O4 though :lol:
  9. Thanks a billion Bagel! I'll be sure to add you as soon as I get on to download Vengeance 8-)
  10. Any word on if this works with Launchers/B-Knife? Seems like if it functions the exact same way as regular guns would it will completely refill them.
  11. BlueBlur107


    Indeed! Here's hoping it's renamed to Double Tap Sarsaparilla! I was hoping they would have the new perk named after sarsaparilla xD Vulture-Aid sounds so odd compared to the rest.
  12. BlueBlur107


    I'm sure they will have Double Tap. It would be odd to leave the western themed drink out of the western themed map.
  13. Seems like it will be my Electric Cherry for Buried. I know it's gonna get me in some trouble going after those drops though. :D
  14. My alarm clock is set to 5:00!
  15. It would have to be. Judging from the opening we can pretty much be for sure that this "rift" is some kind of actual location, but in what way is this related to "Mend the rift". It would have to have a greater meaning. I'll leave the opening scene here for reference http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA4r-yql1Ig Also take note of the map name. "Resolution 1295". I have no idea what the numbers mean but Resolution? A look in websters gives us multiple meanings but the most relevant is the obvious definition "The act or process of resolving" and "something that is resolved So we have our goal, to solve or fix some problem, we have our location, this "Rift" both physical or in a greater sense. This matches up pretty well with "Mend the rift" to me but in what why is this remotely linked to Die Rise? And why are we trying to resolve something?
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