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    Die rise Game over

    I don't see how the footsteps are getting 'slowly muffled'. I've listened to the audio clip a fair few times and it sounds like the footsteps are getting louder, coming towards your perspective, maybe I'm missing something? It is difficult to ascertain what is happening here. What i've picked up on a heavy footsteps of a two-legged creature, the initial steps almost sound like suction pads, anyone else notice this? as if someone's attached a couple of plunger ends to their shoes, perhaps it's some kind of lizard creature, maybe that's taking a bit far. I don't know what the jumping jack clicking is, i haven't played die rise yet(ps3) so can't comment on that, maybe someone can tell me what that part of the sound bite is? But what's clear to me is a key(most likely on a bunch of other keys) is inserted into a lock and turned, makes a click as if lock opened, then the swinging of a door, but then a sudden slam..it's almost as if the cage/gate door never swings closed again. You don't hear the swing of the door's return journey, it's just one swing and then slam. Another note to make is there are no more footsteps after this sound. So this two legged being is not going through. In the time that the cage/door is opened I find it difficult to imagine anything being able to get through, as it's almost instantaneous, from swing to slam. I'm just trying to think of doors/mechanisms that can be locked at too different points..I got nothing. Any thoughts?
  2. click-clack-jack

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    But wouldn't you say that the capsules would be too small for zombies? If I remember rightly they're about waist height. Also from looking through the little windows they look almost human, but not quite, so that would fit the bill for vrill-ya as they are ancient humans or a slightly different race of human i believe. I don't know if i read it somewhere or just imagined it but when i think of the vrill-ya i think of them as being much smaller than normal humans. Anyway this theory would explain why they are in Shangri La as I'm a believer in the whole hollow earth, entrance to Agartha being in Shangri La. Granted it seems a little strange for them to be at Kino and your explanation of them being stored there makes more sense for that but i dunno, I really don't see them being zombies. Also they would have stored zombies at Verrukt would they not? But you don't see any of those casings.. I know I had more questions but can't think of much of them now, one of them though, bit random but what do you make of all those weird skulls in the hunters cabin in tranzit, there's loads, they kind of look monkey shaped or even the vrill heads(assuming that is vrill in the casings). Just remembered one thing, probably already mentioned, but there was discussion into the 'alien' skull at shangri la on the alter type thing way back near the start of this thread.. It may well be alien but within ancient cultures people of power use to purposefully stretch their skulls/foreheads as a sign of being superior/special/god like, and they do look like that skull in SL. So the skull could just be an ancient king or something.
  3. click-clack-jack

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    hey guys, great thread, and some great debate, i have researched a fair amount into the zombie storyline but i'm still filling in gaps after this. I have a few questions, one of which though (and sorry if this has already been asked but theres 54 pages to this thread) is what do you think the little capsules are holding and why? these capsules are the ones underground in shangri la and on the stage in kino. personally think they're captured vrill-ya but what are your thoughts?

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