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  1. It is possible to get shotties with as little as 10k kills. I believe all the stats come in to play, so having a high hit count(good accuracy) is gona get u there quicker, as is a lot of revives etc. Here's a link to the thread on this subject, near the bottom of the page you'll see a screenshot of my stats with shotties and only 10k kills.. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=26010&p=334844#p334844
  2. I'd been stuck on knife for ages so I started a new account quite recently to see if I could get shotguns, it took me about 3 weeks. I played mostly solo, highest round I got to would have been about 45ish. I didn't play any grief or turned, I actually ranked up in a custom game where I only got about 50 kills or so(I timed out). I think all the stats work together, as in they are compared with each other, so if you have this many kills you should have this many revives kinda thing. I say this because I thought I would have to get way over 10000 kills before I got shotties, so i think it's ALL a ratio thing, not just k/d. If I would guess the most important factors for ranking they would be k/d ratio, revives and accuracy. Here are my stats directly after getting shotties..
  3. Whatever is in those pods.. they came from Shangri La. They are also in Kino but that is set further in the future compared to when we play SL so i assume they were brought to Kino from SL by nazis. There is a large collection of them on a mine cart that has come from deep in the earth. My thoughts are that they have to be the Vrill-ya: An entrance to inner earth lies deep within the level Shangri la, Vrill-ya are said to reside in inner earth, Vrill-ya are said to be a species of human, not like us, but similar, hence why they look human but still a bit odd looking(look at them in the tanks). Lastly the Vrill-ya are supposed to be very tall, taller than humans, so what better way to package and transport them than the 31-79JGb215 shrink-ray gun, found exclusively on Shangri La. There seems to be a general consensus that these original black crawlers came from the pods and i would generally agree as one has tipped over in Kino with blood emerging from it and it is the first time we see the black crawlers. Although I'm still not convinced as in the moon loading screen the 'nova 6 tank' image doesn't really look like these pods to me. But at the moment I'm assuming that they are mutated Vrill-ya. The denizens of the forest in Tranzit are the result of biological mutations that have escaped from the Dulce Labs experiments. I believe the underground parts of Tranzit reference the conspiracy theories that say that there are numerous hidden underground military bases that stretch all over the US and even have an underground high speed train that connect them. I believe the town part of tranzit is actually in New Mexico and is suppose to be a part of the Dulce labs(hence all the cages), and that in Tranzit we are travelling through a much larger area of the US than first thought. When we are on bus and driver references all these places, he's not just name-chacking conspiracy theory topics, we are actually travelling past them. This is why in the die rise loading screen we are transported from around New Mexico.
  4. I don't see how the footsteps are getting 'slowly muffled'. I've listened to the audio clip a fair few times and it sounds like the footsteps are getting louder, coming towards your perspective, maybe I'm missing something? It is difficult to ascertain what is happening here. What i've picked up on a heavy footsteps of a two-legged creature, the initial steps almost sound like suction pads, anyone else notice this? as if someone's attached a couple of plunger ends to their shoes, perhaps it's some kind of lizard creature, maybe that's taking a bit far. I don't know what the jumping jack clicking is, i haven't played die rise yet(ps3) so can't comment on that, maybe someone can tell me what that part of the sound bite is? But what's clear to me is a key(most likely on a bunch of other keys) is inserted into a lock and turned, makes a click as if lock opened, then the swinging of a door, but then a sudden slam..it's almost as if the cage/gate door never swings closed again. You don't hear the swing of the door's return journey, it's just one swing and then slam. Another note to make is there are no more footsteps after this sound. So this two legged being is not going through. In the time that the cage/door is opened I find it difficult to imagine anything being able to get through, as it's almost instantaneous, from swing to slam. I'm just trying to think of doors/mechanisms that can be locked at too different points..I got nothing. Any thoughts?
  5. Interesting theory, however there are a few points I'd like to make... I don't think that cage is where they would keep the Gersch device, the thing that goes through that slot is a water bowl as it seems to be a cage where they would keep the monkeys that Yuri would launch into space. I wouldn't take the orangyness too seriously at this point, i know the whole maxis vs ed colour thing, but i think people are taking it a bit far, i thought that guy on the right was Gersch when Yuri tampers with his device and sends him into the aether. The whole ripped page thing, interconnecting Shangri La and Gersch seems tenuous to me. The rips, to me, seem to just give the order of events whilst giving us a thought provoking glimpse into the next map. To assume Gersch is involved and that the rips building in size translates to the Gersch device becoming more unstable is a big leap of faith, don't really see a lot of evidence for that. The mars theory.. I personally am not a believer in this, Brock and Gary, English explorers came across Shangri La looking for Agartha entrance, they did not require a space-craft to get there. Like you say it could have been teleported after but there are no in-game references to this by the characters, so at what point was it teleported, and most importantly why? If it was to stop Richtofen that doesn't make sense because he's already there. Also there is the small fact of no life as we know it can survive on mars. Obviously the temple/s are capable of space flight, as seen on moon loading screen, but to just pick up a massive section of earth and randomly transport it to mars...i don't buy it. Don't mean to shoot you down or anything, just felt I needed to add a few things, feel free to argue/debate my points etc.
  6. First off i don't think you can say 'DEFINITE' as there's no hard proof. Treyarch probably purposefully made it misleading so you would have off-shoots of different theories, they never tell us anything straight. I'm not 100% sure either way but i feel it is most likely Richtofen speaking, but there is another entity that speaks through him. One of the 'Moon' quotes by Samantha say 'there is a greater evil in here than even you Edward' or something like that, referring to an entity within the mpd/aether. This idea of a great evil is nothing new in zombies, there are numerous quotes referring to the devil, Dempsey for example "ooh ra devil man!" So when people say that when inside the mpd you develop a secondary more evil voice like Samantha's and the one in question here: it's not just the voice.. they are actually being possessed by something. Put simply this entity is the devil, but how Treyarch will depict him could be quite different from the traditional sense of the word 'devil' either way i feel it is the source of all evil... In fact thinking about it, there is a lot of talk of this aztec god of the underworld, Mictlantecuhtli, so it is most likely him(half his name appears on nuketown loading screen bubblegum rapper and beneath it is a pic that is v similar to how he was portrayed ie. skeletal form and with arms raised awaiting to receive the dead). Think of it in the sense of the storyline as well, do you really think the most powerful beings are Richtofen and/or Maxis. Where did all this technology and power come from? it's debatable, some would say Vrill-ya, some would say aliens, some would say both or that they are the same thing. But it was there before Richtofen stumbled across it. This great power/evil is bigger than just group 935 and the nazis. Happy to hear any feedback, thoughts, arguments etc.
  7. Bit of an old post but came across it and thought i'd add something... Firstly I don't have a clue what that scrawny thing is just above the drivers head, i've always looked at that and though 'what the fudge?' it has a shadow over the clouds though, so it is not in the picture itself but over it, so i dunno it could be a bit of string or dirt or a twig but it really doesn't look like anything, who knows..? Next I'm not sure about the purple line/watermark thing, i'm leaning towards it being some kind of damage to the picture itself rather than in the picture because if you look down the line it creates/the crease made by the pile of dust: all the colours on the right side seem more saturated/vivid than the left, ie. the trees and bus depot itself, suggesting that its damage to the picture, not 100% on that tho. Nobodys mentioned this but small point: it appears this postcard/picture is on a black and white checkered floor. Lastly and most importantly that red/orange in the background is not a sunset, check out the shadows of the people and objects, they are as if the sun is where we, the viewer are/slightly to the right of us, so that in the background is not the sun. Could be a fire, but i think it is the exact moment maxis's rockets hit the earth, that instance of the image only lasts a split second, as in a second later after this picture would have been taken all you would see is that fire, as it's an explosive wave shooting towards us. I say this because if you look at the people most of them are looking towards it, but some are not, ie. the man sitting on bench to the right of bus and 2 standing people. So it is not the sun, if it were a general fire would that man not be looking at it, looks to be a pretty big fire, i think that this man hasn't even had time to look at it, by the time he would have turned his head he will already be ash. The only reason the others are looking towards it is because they are just watching the bus roll up. Any thoughts on this guys? Edit: I'm still not sure on the purple line, it could actually be the path of the rocket.. but it is purple so maybe it is not maxis at all, maybe maxis's calculations weren't incorrect, maybe this mysterious possible new character with the purple colour coding and the weird voice in die rise actually sent this projectile to earth...?
  8. hmm i had heard the name had originated from a guide, but i thought they maybe had some inside knowledge perhaps, it seems strange to call it the prototype. You're probably right, i really do hope there is a better reason that the nacht-type building is there, rather than just a 'throw-back' to the first game, just seems kind of wishy-washy when treyarch are known for having things there for a reason.
  9. The only problem with the theory is that the nacht in green run is called 'the prototype'. A prototype is something initially made to test something on a larger scale, basically an early model of something. So this would mean that nacht in green run came first, and it makes sense because nacht in germany is bigger and more elaborate. I'm kinda leaning towards a theory that it is the illuminate that had these areas built for the purposes of observing/learning from zombie activity. They are like small prisons, bars in windows etc. so they dump some humans and some element 115 in there and observe. The illuminate are suppose to be all powerful, in control, hiding in plain sight and with operates all over the globe. So this would allow them to conduct experiments in 2 different countries that were at war, and as they were at war how many people could know about the project and both facilities? it's the perfect cover. Any thoughts on this?
  10. wow, been reading this info on and off all day, great work man, also just thought i'd say that you mentioned the clocks and what the time 7.49 is all about? If you look closely at the clocks you see their 24hour time by each number, so the 24hour time for 7.49 is 1949, which is the year of the green run. Don't know what this means for the hand-less clock in town tho..
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