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  1. Not to mention the fact that the battery for the electric trap and the battery in the pap room both work on the pap machine.
  2. "Looks like we will be able to TURN a page huh? Excited?" Seems to me that he is talking about the new game mode
  3. Just keep opening and closing the doors and he will leave right away. Also If you shoot him enough he will just keep driving right through the stops. Huge waste of ammo though.
  4. Wouldn't the visible entrance be where we exit the power area?
  5. Spawn him at the power station and lure him down near the core then emp him
  6. http://bell.greyfalcon.us/ Some interesting stuff to say the least.
  7. Anybody notice the picture of a tow truck in front of what looks like a bus? Or the badge on the main zombies shoulder?
  8. On a side note: The church has the only repairable window inside the fog.
  9. Get a pair of headphones, turn sound fx all the way down and turn voice volume all the way up, then go slash the bunker. Marlton is clearly heard.
  10. Just so you guys know: "Sedan" is the name of the place where nuketown is located. I'm not saying that any sedans found in tranzit don't have anything to do with anything, b/c I truly don't know. But IMO the sedan poster was just a hint. at nuketown
  11. You can splice any old vga cable onto your old xbox cable
  12. Sorry if this has been asked or if it's been done, but I had an idea so I wanted to see if anyone knew anything about it. Doing both sides of the Easter egg with 4 people in one game until all lamp posts are linked to the tower. -when you complete either side of t.o.b the teleporters that you either hit with emp or that you power with the urbine all link to the tower -you can complete both sides of the ee in one game as many times as you wan
  13. -it's been said that the numbers on Marltons watch are significant in some way. Also there are numbers on top of the navcard machine(000002 I think, with black 0s and a red 2). Both numbers are 6 digits. -regarding the times on the clocks: 1.The military times are on the clocks aswell, but it looks like they were written on. 2.the clock in the bank has no hands (00:00) -the number 24 is at the dinner on the big sign
  14. mX42o

    the scalene

    Also if anybody with xbox is wiling to help out with the tob ee, I don't know anybody that owns the game and it's a cow finding good people on live that don't just push the round. Add me if you're willing to help. I don't have a mic, but I know all the steps to both sides and I can take directions will. Gt- molsonxtreme420
  15. mX42o

    the scalene

    Sorry about splitting my post. I'm posting from my cell phone and it only allows me to view so much per page. 2.howling in the town In town mostly in the bar, there seems to be some howling coming from the moon building. Remember the howling in the ascension ee? Turn voice down and sfx up if you can't hear it. 3. More howling In the cornfield near the tower and also near the old waw map. I just find these voices interesting because the have been used in a previous ee, and places like the dinner and the start bus stop are pretty quiet in comparison. Let me know wha
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