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  1. no, you have your perks for the rest of that game.
  2. Search for the decoder in. The forum and use that on the code that pops up. Go to the locations it tells you and punch the signs with Galvaknuckles. Use vulture aid and chase around the orb until it goes to the guillotine. Thanks alot, much appreciated.
  3. Would I have to go hit the mine signs w/ the galvaknuckles before I do this? If not then which orb are you talking about, sir?
  4. I got to the 6th step (Richtofens side) .. (richtofen says something about smearing blood) & the crypic coding comes up.. Looked through the thread, maybe I've missed something.. but I am a little confused as to what to do. I've tried killing zombies by where you put the lantern above the gunsmith store, and I've tried killing them by the crystal at the Guillotine. ... I'm probably just missing something. Anybody wanna point me in the correct direction? :lol:
  5. Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy it here, sir.
  6. welcome to the site, sir. enjoy your stay. :mrgreen:
  7. Welcome to the site! Add me up sometime. We will play.
  8. Ascension was real fun, however the easter egg wasnt rewarding. Taking the EE, Gameplay, Ect. into account, Im going to have to go with moon. :mrgreen:
  9. Kino wouldn't be an awful decision... a little easy tho. Five... na. Wouldnt pick it. Been playing it lately. The pentagon thief is a damn hassle. Call of the dead... meh, if they re-did it correctly. Then perhaps. Shang... meh, probably not. Unless the EE was in it. Moon... out of the original maps this would be a good decision. I feel like it would just make sence to bring it back. Go back to the moon and see whats up with our original characters possibly. Ascension would be my choice tho. This map is awesome.
  10. the HS10 / Typhoid and Mary. Use it everytime I can get it out of the box in a game on black ops.
  11. Welcome to the site. Enjoy it here! Saw you said you were from PA, well I am as well so our connections would be prime for high round games ;)
  12. welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy it here. :mrgreen:
  13. welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay.
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