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Posts posted by Ragdo11706

  1. 42 minutes ago, Conzul said:

    aa upgrade? What's that?


    The egg stays in your inventory after getting the sword. You basically get the uncharged version of it back. It stays there till you get an Arch-Ovum.

    Alternate Ammo Types.


    Yes, this is a better way to word it. Seems like there's a reasoning behind it though. 


    I'm almost certain that the "Apothicon Servant Upgrade Quest" has been fixed and can now be obtained (hell it may have been available all along). 

    That image I thought was a "Bump" Image. Either way, it makes sense to me how you explained it. Is it likely that the "Key" to "Apothicon" is the "Gateworms".

  2. 5 hours ago, 83457 said:

    360. If i put the egg back in the egg holder, it no longer actually goes back in. So, now both the sword and the egg are missing from the sword holder. Must be from the February update,  but why? 

    Yes,  i typed this in the other thread by mistake. 

    This is new only to Last Gen. On Current Gen it's always been this way.


    You are talking about the "Apothicon Egg" you originally pick up right.

  3. 4 hours ago, 83457 said:

    The aa upgrades are lovely.  They actually didn't botch it. I am surprised. 


    Here's an odd change; when i put the egg back in the sword holder, it doesn't actually go back now. It stays missing when you take the sword, so both the sword and egg are not there anymore.  I assume this changed in the February update,  but why? 

    On Current Gen it has been like this since the beginning. I'm updating the game now to get the DLC, but on build this is how it's always been.

  4. 1 hour ago, Conzul said:


    A bit, they look like them.

    I noticed though that under almost all of the cocoon locations there's either a man-hole or a rotting cardboard box.

    These are located only in the Canal District, each subsequently at one of the Locations a "Cocoon" can be hung.

    All with the exception of 3. There is one directly in front of "Easy Street" in the Junction. Another one is located at the entrance to Waterfront, and the final one can be found in the Junction as well, at the Entrance to the "Footlight District".

  5. @Conzul


    When we initially pick up the "Apothicon Egg" it appears Brown with Webs/Cracks covering the outer layer.

    While filing it with "Souls" it begins to turn clear with a Blue Hue, similar to the same Blue that protrudes from the "Gateworms". Until finally the outer shell is gone completely and you see the "Larvae" on the inside.

    Upon placing that into the Sword Altar, you can see it enter the "Sword", Appearing no larger than a golf ball. This results in our inventory being replaced once again by the Original "Apothicon Egg", Brown covered in Webs/Cracks.

    Now the Original "Apothicon Egg" is a lot bigger than the Blue one used for the "Apothicon Sword". Why is this, what purpose do all these different "Eggs" serve. 


    "It's all about the Transferal of Energy"

  6. @83457


    I still think once you place the "Apothicon Egg" back in the statue, it smokes for a reason. An indicator not to pick up the "Apothicon Sword" just yet.

    That Little Guy growing inside the "Apothicon Egg" is definitely the "Apothicon Servant". 


    When you were in Waterfront, did you make sure to stay back near the Doors for the "Rift Portal".

    I still think it's very odd on Last Gen once the PaP Ritual is completed the Fire is "Purple". 

    On Current Gen once you've placed the "Gateworms" the Fire is "Purple" then it changes. Seems to me like something was done incorrectly.


    I toyed around with the "Thermal Scope" for a while, May have to try it out again.

  7. @Conzul


    I agree about the Widows Wine Grenades, same as with the "Elementals" being referred to as "Meatballs".

    You should definitely have a look at the article I posted about "Wasps & Zombie Spiders".

    We know "Arbgwaoth" means "PowerUp" & not "Upgraded" as one would think.


    Ok, the lightbulb, in Footlight District.

    Next time you play, once you've opened the Doors to access the "Rift Portal" when you go up to it and...Hold (X) to activate.

    Just stand right there for a few seconds & the Lightbulb on the Table will turn on & get really bright. If I'm not mistaking, I believe another "Corrupted" Skull is on the Table as well.


    It's the inside of the "Apothicon Egg", this is why I mentioned Meta-Morphism. We have an Embryo, a Larvae, an Ovum, & an Immature Adult.

    We Upgrade it, so it becomes a "Mature Adult" and the main priority becomes..."Reproduction".

    Originally the image belonged to Glitching Queen, but she has given me permission to use content of hers here.


    The "Glowing Object", is located in the Waterfront District. 

    If you look back at he second image, where you see the Window Boards on the wall. Directly beneath those, you can see a rectangular box that's black.

    In between these you can see something "Glowing". It's best to just check it out for yourself in your game.

    Standing at rhe "Rift Portal" in the Waterfront District, face the Mystery Box location. As you begin to move towards the Box, you'll see this object begin to "Glow". Once you get too close it goes away.


    Have you ever noticed once you've completed filling the "Apothicon Egg", once you've placed it back in the Altar, as long as you don't take the Sword the Altar, "Smokes".

    What is the point in making it do that, what purpose does it serve.

  8. @Conzul


    Thank you for the response, what do you think/know the 4 "Symbols on the Sword Altar mean?!?!


    Another thing I have recently noticed, pertaining to the Ritual Altars. 

    The Waterfront, Junction, & PaP all have the "Corrupted" Skull on the left side of the Altar, each containing a "Dagger" and each having a "Liquid" substance in it.

    The Footlight District has the "Corrupted" Skull in the center of the Altar. There is also a set of Handcuffs present & no liquid.

    The Final one is in the Canal District, which is the only one that contains 2 of the "Corrupted" Skulls. One on either side of the Altar, the Left & Right. There's also a "Dagger" present however, this one is stabbing through something into the Altar.


    In the Coding the Widows Wine "Grenades" are referred to as "Cocoons". Is there any specific reason why this is the case.

    Would we use these to "Feed" the "Gateworms". Or possibly even "Feed" the "Apothicon Servant" in order to feed the "Gateworms".

    Another thing I've yet to understand, when you initially place the "Gateworms" in the PaP, they are surrounded by "Purple" Fire. However, once you've opened PaP, they change to a Mixture of Blue & Red. 

    The thing is, on Last Gen the Fire stays "Purple". 


    The "Parasites" name makes sense because the Host they use is either a "Margwa" or "Golden Pod".

    Why is it they "Dive-Bomb" once killed.



    It almost seeems as if we're actually going through the stages of Meta-Morphism or possibly even Meiosis.


    "Norie Mode" could play a key role, as we know how to "Start" this specific Easter Egg/Side Quest. Yet no-one has ever found the way to actually "End" this. Even though it's clear in the "Coding there is a "Start" & "End".

    For some reason we become "Color-Blind" however, the "Beast" remains unaffected and can still see in "Color" for some reason.

    What's up with the lightbulb in the Footlight Districts "Rift Portal" area that turns itself on.


    This is the "Creature" inside the "Apothicon Egg". Looks a lot like an infant version of the "Apothicon Servant".



    There's a place in the Waterfront District, directly above the "Civil Protector" Box, while standing near the "Rift Portal". 

    I'll try to screen shot it really fast.

    "What the hell is that glowing."


    It's to the Right of the Crosshair.



    I'm sure there are things in forgot to ask about.

  9. @Conzul

    Do you have any inclination at all what, "Zoroth Orrotha" means/could mean.


    Here's another thought, why in the F**K do the "Gateworms" actually have a "Heartbeat". Seriously, what was Treyarchs reasoning behind making them "Alive/Living".


    Have you ever seen the "Creature" inside the "Apothicon Egg".


    P.S. What is it you mean by "Gymnastics"?!?!

  10. If your talking about the Brown Paper Bag, on the Bridge in Canal leading towards the Tram & Dead Reporter.

    If it's the same one, bottom left, 3 Railings down, sitting on the ground directly in front of that 3rd Railing. This has always been there.

    Sorry to be the bearer of Bad News, but I just now checked, as I currently play on the Original build the game was shipped with.


    On another note I had a thought, and completely F*****g forgot. When I remember I'll be back!

  11. 22 minutes ago, 83457 said:

    Welcome Conzul, to the forum!


    "At least ten of them" quote also gets generated if you simply shoot a crowd as well. His other bulk-kill saying is "no tricks, no illusions, i really just did kill a whole bunch of you".


    See that game where I went to 94 while playing as Nero, I thought the same thing, when firing the "Apothicon Servant".

     I would gather all 24 Zombies, fire 1 Shot and he would either say nothing at all or some random ass comment.

    However, I began keeping count of the Elementals/Meatballs and every time, without fail he would make that quote on the 10th one.


    I'm not saying this is anything. But stupid little shit like this should actually mean something, as opposed to a random ass quote.

  12. 1 hour ago, deamonkeeper said:

    im not talking about the things you get from the safe im talking about when you time travel for the first time and pick the soul thingy and the 2 fuses (p.s if thats what you were talking about then no you only put one in then on the other side is the protect/destroy switch)

    Ohh, ok. I still haven't played the Map, I was going off what I've seen in gameplay.

    Only a couple more days...

  13. 18 minutes ago, Nieno69 said:

    I watched the original Video and a "second gondola ee Hunt" .... he doesn't use the box ..

    Either it has something to do with high rounds ...the Jump he did or the Panzer round.... maybe all three combined with a rocket Start countdown...but because(in my opinion) it is very easy to get points in der eisendrache It has nothing to do with the high rounds (i hope thats the case or at least not round over 40)

    I Hope it's something like you sayed with the pods - maybe let the gondola "charge" and call it e.g. after ten rounds or something.... 

    If the person you watched, never used the Box, that makes sense to me. That's what I was trying to say, Dont use the Box & if you do make sure it don't move.

  14. I'm sure as many of you are already aware, there is in fact a way to have the Second Gondola bring you items. 

    Instead of Power-Ups, this one will bring up PaP Weapons (some of which contain Alternate Ammo) as well as Monkey Bombs.


    As of right now, nobody has been able to figure out what it is they are doing in-game, to Trigger such an event.

    One thing I've noticed, especially this past month watching all the gameplay I have. A lot of features from Shadows, were brought over into Der Eisendrache.


    I think the Trigger for this to occur, is similar to that of how you obtain the Ray Gun from a "Purple Pod" on Shadows.

    Do NOT let the Mystery Box move.

    In Shadows if you never hit the Box, or only spin it a few times, where it don't move from the Original spot, every time you will receive a Ray Gun from a "Purple Pod", not always immediately, but you'll always end up getting at least 1.


    Seems like something similar is going on in Der Eisendrache, thus why it has only recently been discovered. In Co-Op chances are the Box is going to be moved rather quickly.

    However, during a Solo game your a lot less likely to move the Box especially using a Bow & a Wall Weapon with Blast Furnace.


    I'll be more than happy to Debunk this once the Map is released for XBone, until then if anyone wants to give it a shot, let me know what happens.

  15. @Conzul

    Sounds good to me. 


    As far as the Altars go, remember we have quite a few on this map.

    • Ritual Altars

    • Sword Altar

    • Beast (Fountains) Altar

    • Cthuluh (Statues) Altar?!?!


    We still need to figure out what the "Upgrade_Ready_0" Quote means. 

    "Zoroth Orota" (probably butchered that spelling)


    I really feel like the "Arch-Ovum" & the "Cocoons" are the same thing, they look identical. Possibly you have to have acquired the "Arch-Ovum" before you can advance the "Apothicon Servant" Quest. As long as you don't place it down & begin to break it open.

    That seems like how you would go about getting the "Cocoon" to Upgrade the "Apothicon Servant".


    I'll find those other posts, and link them here.




  16. @Nieno69


    Thank you for answering that for me.


    See this is my point though. I think being able to "Trick" the PaP into accepting the "Apothicon Servant" is what has F****d everyone up.

    Now instead of thinking logically, like needing to go through a series of events in order to "Upgrade" it, similar to Origins "Staves" & now Der Eisendraches "Wrath of the Ancients". 

    A lot of people are trying to figure out how to make the "PaP" machine accept it. When this was never the intended way (Pack-a-Punch).


    This explains why the "GobbleGum" Does NOT work on either the "Apothicon Servant" nor the "Wrath of the Ancients", and if it were available, I'd be willing to bet, In Origins, it wouldn't work on any of the "Staves" either. All of these "Ancient" weapons are "Upgraded" not "Pack-a-Punched". 

  17. @Conzul


    I do know the "NOHINT" is more than likely the case here.


    I've noticed the Center Eye (on Apothicon Servant), tends to look in certain directions, at various things.


    I've noticed, (not sure before or after the "Upgrade_Ready" Quote) upon firing/feeding the "Apothicon Servant", you will see a mixture of "Red" along with the "Purple" when it hits an object & as it explodes.


    While playing as Nero & using the "Apothicon Servant", once you've "Sucked Up" 10 Elementals/Meatballs. He has a very distinct Quote he says every time.

    "That was at least 10 of them...is anyone keeping count!"


    Maybe we can combine our ideas and finally figure out this, "Unsolvable Puzzle". I do feel like this is the First time where we can actually "Fail" or progress to far.

    Have you ever noticed when replacing the "Apothicon Servant" for another weapon, it seems to just disappear from the Box entirely.


    I have a couple other Threads you may be interested in taking a look at mainly, 

    "Keepers are Key & Magic Book Theory"

    & the more important one, 

    "Apothicon Servant & Upgrade_Ready Quotes"

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