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  1. So what if these Towers could be used like in Halo with the halo array, killing the zombies and there food source. A little out there I know. Just throwing ideas out there
  2. "...this isnt und sprint this is und marathon..." Richtofen
  3. This thread has confused me on so many levels. This is either a troll, a person with bad english, or a conspiracy theorist. Probably a combination.
  4. Let me start off by saying that I believe the easter egg is finished...for now Jimmy Z's twitter {great start right lol} says he works on zombies but also contains a link to the Wikipedia page of Bill Moggridge the creator of the GRiD Compass used in NASA space shuttles in the 1980's Now my theory is that in future DLC we will go back to Moon with the original crew (Tank, Nikolai, Takeo, Samantha in Richtophen's body) and we would have find a way to Green Run or Nuketown because Nuketown and No Mans Land are both in Navada and I think Green Run is in Colorado but im not to sure. Anyways let me know what you guys think and please be kind this is as the title say a wild theory Frostie~
  5. Honestly at this point with orbs on the tower, in the box, and around the traffic light in town im starting to think this map is filled more with glitches than secrets. Of course since its on the MP engine now they could add more stuff later {12-21-12 theory} kind of like what they did when they added Mule Kick to all Black Ops 1 maps.
  6. I know i'm not a moderator but there is a "Teamate Finder" for these types of threads
  7. PHD Flopper doesnt exist on TranZit. Unless you have a video to prove otherwise I can't believe you.
  8. Yes this has been said but abandoned quickly. I think too it has meaning but I am wondering where we start. I think this whole clock thing has a big part of it. Me too thats why I brought it up because Treyarch tends to put little things like that all the time to get us going
  9. Im thinking there has to be time travel of some sort, there is a sign in the tunnel between Bus Depot and Diner that when you look at only the white letters says "DAY X /2 ME" in other words Day cross over to me. Its a stretch but im sure it means something.
  10. So going on the time travel theory the moon time/s could change it to night while the sun time/s could change it to day. Seems plausable to me.
  11. If anyone wants to try some of these theories on Xbox my GT is frostieisme. Im on everyday for a few hours usually. I dont know about tonight (its currently 1:22 am here) but tomorrow / next afternoon for sure send a message, I preferr to play with 18 year olds or higher but exeptions can be made
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