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  1. Good idea I'll go play and add what I can. Odd I am working on something and was wondering who is listed on a tombstone. I'm stumped.
  2. Seriously, We can post a thread in the form of an answer and give another question?
  3. I'm sorry for the fidder fodder brother. Its Just Give the post a read and see if anything they may have planted before the plan to use the song as a hint helps you along I'm nobody move along, nothing to see here.
  4. I never asked anyone to respond or do anything in the map. I simply posted messages from the Creator of the game that had been completly overlooked, like magic I have proof. You have a usual accepted post. Its why the players are failing, you keep playin. "Twenty One Twelve Five Point One" CAN U DO THAT?
  5. I just threw out too much information Sorry it would have been easier to do what they told me too. Next time I'll use the seemingly usually accepted post motive like Post any and ALL IDEAS!!!!! OR NEW EASTER EGG AND TRUE MEANING OF NAVCARD PLUS HIDDEN HINTS IN THE CREATORS TWEETS!!!!! PROOF PROMISES PROOF PROMISES So LETS ALL BAN TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY AND FOLLOW ME THE MAD POSTER HAHAHAHAHA!!! Followed by something like PLEASE LIKE PLEASE SUBSCRIBE WE CAN DO THIS!!!!! In plain sight but out of mind, without me you would be blind. (Its THE W
  6. if the navcard is for whatever you said then why do we need the NAVCARD for the NAVCARD READER. you're post in its entirety makes no sense. good day sir. Shortest answer to your question is that we should figure out what the NAVcard is since NOBODY HAS ONE YET THAT WORKS,.....I keep hearing about it but have never used or senn anyone use a nav(IGATION)card, Consider the FACT that its the first time weve had any money transactions between players to complete goals (Almost Exact Definition of a NAV btw First Time Weve Had a Bank. and mabye he's refferring to the song
  7. Sir we have not met and I've given you my name. I'm Ethijee, Thank you
  8. Check a video on utoobe called "trouble hacking" mabye you will understand. I believe it will help with my NAVcard link as well. Thank you
  9. Thousands? Do me a favor and give me four songs and bands mentioned in either of those quotes. Link it Solid to The Creators words. Only 2 tweets, By Them, 2 Bands With track numbers and quotes mentioning a charactor named after the Creator, might help;)
  10. Its not about me, please enjoy the message I posted I hope it helps, Remember the power of the 100th monkey? You know the answer is in you all or it will be soon. Thats a FACT as well.
  11. Thank you for your time. You found most simple corrolations so here is the one you thought I did not tie in Jimmy is found talking of the dead in the You Cant Always Get What You Want" Song I went down to the Chelsea drugstore To get your prescription filled I was standing in line with Mr. Jimmy And man, did he look pretty ill We decided that we would have a soda My favorite flavor, cherry red I sung my song to Mr. Jimmy Yeah, and he said one word to me, and that was "dead" I said to him Its not the "stones"; its The Rolling Stones Like a book the mouth is w
  12. I really do think the attutude of HELP! Wont get us out of this I dont want treyarchs help...ITS CALL OF DUTY NOT CALL FOR HELP lol Its really not that hard They made the game, they tweeted you clues. You missed the meaning behind them all of us did because not one person has shown me a nav(igation)card I only hear NAVcards and see them referred to by everyone as such. I'm saying everyone was right the NAVcard has 2 fazes/faces The song lyrics bieng written off as random is a huge mistake, If it werent directly from SOURCE, I could let it pass. In the other tw
  13. The value is bieng given back what was intended to fit in properly. These people are clearly not tweeting for fun. Why not be ever so clever and try to understand its not random songs, it happens to be the songs They (The Creators) posted in the forums directly after a series of other tweets that was mistaken as not having any meaning. Everyone thought to dismiss these perfectly strong hints of what they told us. There are way too many scenarios for me to say... play the song and it will unlock something, would be easy. I'm not asking anyone to get up and play my way, I'm sayin
  14. Mabye a bad Idea but would you consider Editing it for me? I can update it to the rest of the boards as well. If not its cool Thanks for the sum up.
  15. I linked every dropped message to songs and hidden (overall) messages, with thier direct tweets. You wouldnt believe where I'm from but I reside in Visalia California, and Work in Hanford CA. 2 Nav is something of a motion not a place I'm Suggesting we as a team need to sacrifice our earnings for a large purchase. its something you do. Its how you devide your money together to complete the goal. Should I have just said that? So Sorry You wouldnt beliieve who I am, but if for a second you could imagine I'm not a troll I'm simply offering more. Personally I'm working
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