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  1. Just gonna put this down in here in regards to the Whos Who perk ...I had whos who last night and went down with galverknuckles claymores and sticky grenades, decided that reviving myself would be more risky than anything so decided to just continue my route and make a lap grabbing random bits to survive on the way. I get my body back and at this time my best weapon would be galverknuckles right (if it let me keep them) I still have the symbol for claymores although my stickys are now just x2 regular grenades. So I mele...no mele...I mele a number of times...just cant mele..im pushing the button but the action just isnt happening. So I make for pack a punch and juggernog with success (still spamming the mele button to no avail), I went to buy stickys in the next round but when the round started it had swapped my grendaes for stickys anyway. So go down the elevator shaft to but galverknuckles so -6000 points, I get the purchase animation and do the mele action...no mele...I AGAIN purchased gamverknuckles off of the wall for -6000 points get the little clip of me punching my hand and nothing, no mele action what so ever. After this I did eventualy die out and another round started and when I spawned in it was to some relief that I could again mele though only had my knife :/ I dont know if theres anyone else experiencing loss of mele action after dying out into your whos who ghost...if that makes any sense.
  2. This has always been the case unfortunateley if two players land on top of each other. I have a seperate issue relating to Tranzit where if two people jump for Galverknuckles at the same time you both go down, same coming back through the hole in the roof, if two people go through it rapidly usualy both go down. If I remember right this happens in most zombie maps where a player lays prone and the other dives ontop, taking both players down (makes for a great Grief tactic). Keeping to the issue of death barriers though, if anyone finds any other barriers on the map would love to hear about them here and know where to aviod and where to take extra care. Thanks people :)
  3. Ouch, walls that cause instant death. Well these death walls were inside the buildings, I have yet to experiment with the flipper but what youve said has been noted for when the flipper comes out tonight.
  4. Sorry you were playing without persistent jug on Die Rise or Tranzit? If its Die Rise then I really dont get it, Ive watched everyone on my team taking 3 consecutive hits to red and run away from it. Ive never aimed to get the new persistent perk & rarely buy quick revive (unless Im playing grief). Oh man, this is confusing as hell!
  5. I have noted 2 rather annoying death barriers on Die Rise that are pretty game breaking (in solo). The first is the lift shaft that you have to jump down to the AN-94, if you dont go through the hole at the bottom (just before the AN-94) and hit the lift shaft wall, you DIE! Stay in the centre of the lift shaft and DONT jump towards the edges like my friend did, we were very confused as to how he died but after watching the video back, he hit the wall at the bottom of the lift shaft and was stuck on the wall. Im not sure if this is a death barrier, he was in solo so I couldnt tell you if we would have been able to revive him or not. Second is that slide (death slide), Ive been down it many times without a problem but the first time I went down it my friend had to revive me at the bottom and last night when I hit the bottom of the slide I immediateley died out (even though my character landed on the floor). Just thought I would share my findings with you, Id keep these in mind if you decide to play solo.
  6. WHY DOES EVERYONE CALL IT PERMA JUG? Its not permanent, its persistent! In Die Rise you can take 3 hits, the fourth that downs you. Ive never got persistent jug in Tranzit (havent done my solo runs yet) and I have taken 3 hits from day 1 in Die Rise. I was looking for someone else to confirm this with me yesterday, Ive seen many videos of people taking three hits, wether they have the persistent Jug perk or not, I dont know. I dont get why people saying its perma jug when in Die Rise you CAN take 3 hits, I think Treyarch have just upped the damage you can take. I believe Treyarch put the persistent perk into Tranzit in the way that Mule Kick went onto all the maps, the difference being on Tranzit you have to earn it on Die Rise this is automaticaly acquired from the start. So...can anyone confirm this, taking 3 hits on Die Rise WITHOUT Persistent jug from Tranzit? If that is true do the effects of persistent jug on Tranzit change anything in Die Rise, maybe you can take 4 hits and the 5th downs you? All I know and I am 100% that my whole team can take 3 hits (4 to down) on Die Rise when we didnt even know persistent jug existed.
  7. HA...I started to draw a simple map last night which turned into a complete head f***. Basically three buildings, 1st is the spawn with two top floors and a basement, the 2nd dragon building, maze like basement floors where power is located and top three floors, also maze like where the third floor is the roof. The dragon roof can access either buildings, the third building is up side down (and pretty much leans against the spawn building) and has 2 top floors and 2 lower floors (not sure didnt study the upside down building in great detail yet. I spent the night flying round in free camera and you get a better picture of wheres cheapest to open up and the quicker route around the map (always look for holes in the ceiling), which doors double up (both 750 to the same area). I think now Im clear on which building I will be in at any time and knowing my exits, makes it a bit easier while my team is lost only god knows where! Also I noted that the spawn building has 4 Lifts, 3 with perks (the spawn lift doesnt contain a perk). I have yet to go round and finish looking at the other buildings, it got very late.
  8. I am sure me and my whole team were taking 3 rapid hits to red yesterday and I do not have the super jug perk. Anyone else confirm this with me?
  9. I wonder why hes standing by a turbine...Is it powering the gun?
  10. sxygrl123

    Diner Windows

    Yes but the same light can be seen in survival and grief on the town map which makes me think its not part of the EE just some shady lighting. I wasnt sure what to make of it... Glad someone else can see this but it might just be a lighting glitch
  11. sxygrl123

    Diner Windows

    look through the window at jug down to the bank, theres a bright sphere in the reflection of the glass (dont shoot it out) but I cant tell if its a lighting glitch. Note to add, this light sphere also appears in town survival and grief.
  12. Bit uncalled for... In fact, wont be coming back here, too much hostility!
  13. I think the achievement was meant to be fairly easy anyway, obtainable from as few steps as possible to the core of the community. Treyarch knew the hardcore would find any extra steps/hidden treasures eventualy I think of how much I struggled during the shang egg (still havent got it), the moon cheevos seemed easy in comparison. I love zombies but I hate players that arent willing to cooperate. "DONT KNIFE THE BUS DRIVER" and what does he do, he gets kicked off the bus me saying "you need to stay alive you have a turbine and im not going round again just because we lost one turbine" kid dies looses turbine, new round, we get a new turbine for the kid, were at the cornfield, the kids is nowhere to be seen "where are you" replies "power room glitch" by this point im going NUTS! "you need to get your lanky ass out here, we need you to stay behind with the other player and 2 turbines" as well as "IM NOT GETTING BANNED FOR YOUR LANKY ASS BEING IN A GLITCH" just dont put your turbine down when the electric guy spawns, electric guy spawns "three turbines go down "ARE YOU IN SOME WAY RETARDED KID" so now three of us need turbines, on exit of the corn field the kid knifes the last zombie. By now all three of us are looking at him like "WTF MAN" we are unable to keep him on his feet and in the craziness that was round 7 we all went down. If the kid hadnt have gotten kicked off the bus it would have been a round 4 finish...OK rant done! (you think this is bad, shoulda heard me in shang) Thing is, I know I AM GOING TO DO THIS, ONEDAY. Its not half as hard as shang!
  14. Hi, Im new, long time stalker first time register. I know your all talking about the clock thing, I just want to take it back to the orbs a second. My co-op partner and I have not started the easter egg yet, my partner built the nav card table in solo but it didnt stick (we found the board in our next game) To confirm this I went into theatre mode to check the table, got rid of the fog after the power was on and returned to the pylon which had two glowing red orbs on it (so facing Nacht top left lit, middle empty, bottom right lit) but no electricity running through the center. I took a screen capture. I went back in the history a few games and loaded up a previous game of tranzit, once the power was on I did the no fog trick, again went back to the pylon and there were no lights on it. I am not sure what was acomplished to get these lights to activate, neither of us have the achievement for completing a side of the easter egg. Im pretty sure that without the fog on I could also see the same pylon from the middle of town with a red light on it (I looked down the dead end next to the bowling alley). If this doesnt make sence, dismiss it. I dont wanna waste anyones time Lou
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