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  1. Are you sure there was a game update?? That could be huge! They could have added the next~step to the easter egg or flopper or anything!
  2. Can you post the link to this on the activision fourms?
  3. I just think treyarch updated the PaP for BO2. Changing the sorta of colours and prettying things up :lol:
  4. I don't know if this is a stupid question but say you were in a 4 player game and 2 of the players complete maxis and the other 2 players complete richtofen in the one game? Not sure what this would do :geek:
  5. uglydog44


    BigBird Dan is a troll! Just let the thread die.
  6. There is no night bus! In order for there to be a night bus there must be an alternate route and that would mean the map would have to out of the blue load more terrain which wouldnt happen.
  7. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but there is no more to tranzit. The easter egg is supposed to feel unfinished because it will be continued in DLC
  8. There is definitely not a train station in tranzit. I want to believe this guy, but the coding is telling me to think otherwise. His hints seem helpful, but to be honest, there is no more in terms of the easter egg to tranzit
  9. There are no navcards on tranzit that can be applied. Its useless
  10. Thanks its nice to See this here at least and i havent got ten quite alot more then i expected from here as far as my youtube and all goes. I plan on trying to do what my friend did to get the NAV card expect (hes the one who found this so i trust him when it comes to easter egg jazz, Hopefully my next topic wll be for getting the NAV card Accepted Do you know how to get the navcard accepted though?
  11. I think everybody should rule the idea of the Night Bus out? There is nothing about the night bus in the coding, i've gone through all of it, although I do suspect that these guys are onto something more with the navcards
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBE91gPFg1Q Does this video reveal the next step to the easter egg??? Let me know what you think.
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