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  1. His name is Samuel J. Stuhlinger, so whatever nazi you're talking about called Stuhlinger is just a different person. It doesn't change the fact that Stuhlinger is Samuel's second name.
  2. That may be true, but Maxis in the EE talks about wanting an EMP. Besides that, there is the obvious fact that Maxis wants the power off. So although what you're saying is true, it would make no sense to have no problem turning power off and generating EMPs if you depend on electronics for communication.
  3. That wouldnt really make much sense considering its maxis that talks through electronics How do you know that?
  4. Well it's as easy as looking through the textures and seeing for yourself. Right now, i know Marlton's watch seems to be somewhat of an item of interest, i don't see why there shouldn't be another character who has one of their own.
  5. "Several of our party began to hear the voices, and they're competting instructions and combatible demands drove a wedge down the center of the camp. Half of the camp is carrying out the demands of *inaudible* only through electronics *inaudible*." "You think you're sooo smart, huh? *Short chuckle* You think you can manipulate everybody to do it, which you want, but we know that you *static* calculate how it works with your sinister agents, hm? You mean to destroy this planet and kill us all! We're not gonna help! No way no how! So yeah, you keep talking. No one's gonna hear you because we destroyed everything. Everything electronic, starting with evil radio-box-thing." Anyone checked to see if Samuel has a hearing aid?
  6. I've made topics and said this many times before but i guess people just choose to ignore me and instead go after crazy theories. The only reason we were able to progress in easter eggs and not get into the situation we are in now is because we had context. We knew what step 1 was and it helped us understand step 2. So many people just keep adding all these theories and dead ends and then getting really disappointed when it doesn't go anywhere, but nobody stops to think about the fact that maybe we are doing the right stuff, just in the wrong order. It would be like one of us discovering what the last step was. So what? Doesn't mean anything if we don't know what's inbetween. And i also think this whole clock thing is bullshit but that's just me.
  7. I still think it's bullshit. Dan, if you really wanted to help, you would simply give us real information with proof like everyone else. What's annoying is how you conduct yourself in a way that gives people the impression that you are special, like you don't need to provide any shred of proof but everyone else does. Your contributions consist of posting random emoticons on other peoples' theories, which adds to the annoyance. For you, it's as easy as prancing over to someone's topic and putting your little silent stamp of approval and suddenly it isn't the guy's theory anymore it's 'OMG, DAN IS TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING, HE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS!'. If you really do want to help, there's no reason in just randomly giving information that holds no evidence and when tested, comes up with no results. If being straightforward is not something you want to do for an unknown reason, there are still productive ways to do so, simply give one new piece of information that can be backed up -at the very least.
  8. If you don't have anything worthwhile to say, please keep it to yourself.
  9. Why are those zombies even there at the beginning? Like 4 random zombies, just standing there -docile.
  10. Just because you've glitched under the map, does not mean that you have the right to just rule things out like that. There's a crap ton of invisible barriers and things will appear and disappear based on your angle and position when you're glitching around.
  11. Ehm, is there any way you could maybe post a picture to explain what you saw?
  12. I'm on board with the idea of different sights being involved. Afterall, there is no real reason to re-packapunch weapons, the only thing that happens is you get a new sight.
  13. Don't worry, there are thousands of views on the videos that explain it. Overall, there isn't much to be found. It's also very limited because of how difficult it is to navigate around and the fact that you're not no-clipping, you're glitching under the map. It's very glitchy and it's not a good way to see things. You'd be much better off finding a PC guy to no-clip and take a look around.
  14. There's already tutorials on how to do the same thing but in Power House. It's nice to see that there's another spot though.
  15. Not sure how this affects your theory but Marlton has a calculator watch. They've existed since 1975. So, just saying.
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