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  1. Ok so maxis was completed in the wrong order but what about richtofen still can't use nav card are these steps out of order as well
  2. How about diner bus depot one before cabin and shortcut using the town as the center they would be the closest to the times
  3. Has anyone tried the turbin light theory yet wanted to see results
  4. Don't think It can be done in custom can it? If the rock isn't there in the beginning I don't think it can be done btw u don't here him when u build the turbine then u probably have to do it in public
  5. This is the reason y because the Birddog stuff has been dieing and was on it way to die completely now u bring it back up thus resurrecting Birddog and putting his name at the top of the forum good job stop talking about it and it will go away DON'T FEED THE TROLL!!!! I repeat do not feed the troll come on forum 101 please I hope after this no one who's computers been down comes on and brings this up again. You could have just posted this in the Birddog topic but u made a whole new one and postings like this take up the space and knock legit theories down the list so please stop THIS. The worst thing u can do is go on the forums and pollute it with topics about it being polluted can u say counter productive now Imma go back to looking for this EE thank u
  6. Well where's this original post because I'm curious
  7. Can you link it please? http://forums.activision.com/thread/200 ... 0&tstart=0
  8. Read the original forum on the activistion site people tried it and said it didn't work
  9. Anyone try to put a turbine next to the table and then trying the card
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