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  1. :!: Take this problem somewhere else, what does this have to do with COD Zombies? Stop being lazy and do some searching to fix your OWN problems, we are trying to figure out Zombie Gameplay/EEs/and overall Zombie interests not your fucking router and your petty internet connection. Do we even have admins to delete pointless posts like these? Stop wasting time and space, that is what Facebook is for. :!:
  2. Wow this forum has really lost touch with its roots. Stick to info only, we don't care about you, your channels or your music preference. Should be an age restriction on here.
  3. What is the MMM CHOCOLATE on the bottom left corner? News to me
  4. Yes once I created the game the rock was there, which means that I can complete the table for the Richtofen EE. But I am trying to do the Dr. Maxis side of the EE cause it is simple and proven to be done with just 2 people. If anyone here has xbox and can play between 7pm-3am EST then please give me a hand.....I hate asking but my friends don't seem to understand "Don't kill the last zombie so we can start the Easter.....*bang bang*......Egg......"
  5. I have to double check to make sure everything is in order. And I did use the Purplr Rock (in the hole near the shelter) as a checkpoint to make sure I could complete the EE. I did see the rock lastnight and tried to continue going along with Maxis's EE by turning on the power and then turning off after his rant is over. But I have yet to hear anyone say anything for a few days. I have yet to fully assemble the Table under the Pylon (which I found out is not necessary for Maxis's EE) I thought perhaps I hopped into a room and it was completed without my knowledge (which is NOT done because I have yet to recieve the achievement) I am on Xbox Live and my gamertag is YouReaper if anyone wants to give me and add and a hand. (I am in my 20s and not some annoying kid looking for friends or to talk about Justin Bieber.......I have come across that before) Either way thanks for the help guys/gals
  6. Don't have time to read every reply to this post but maybe the reference to a clock and the hands could mean the clock as a map (not that the clock is literally a map) but rather that they are talking about the bouse route, and the players. Is the bus's current route in a clockwise formation? ANd if so then perhaps the characters are the Hands and "swapping" could play a part in that as well.
  7. Har har x_X but yea I use turtle beaches and yet I no longer hear either of them talking. Could it be that me and a friend are creating a custom match? (My only known way of creating a private lobby)
  8. Hi guys and not trying to add just another stupid post but I am seriously trying to get this EE done but with no success. I used to hear the Dr. speaking once I started gathering parts for the Turbine beginning at round 1, I have tried on numerous occasions to try and complete either side with no avail. But I noticed now that when I am playing I no longer hear any voices and have yet to complete either side of the EE, even when I turn the power on and then off after Avogandro appears, I hear nothing. If anyone knows anything or if I am stupidly forgetting a step then please let me know then ignore this post. Thanks a lot.
  9. You need to be more descriptive when explaining what you saw, how you saw it, and what you were doing in order to see it. What door? How many people in your game? Which EE do you have done? Do you have the NAvcard? The jetgun created? The table made under the pylon? Fill us in on details so we don't all have to ask a million in one questions. Just trying to make thigns easier for EVERYONE who visits and wants to learn more, appreciate the info on your find but give full details man.
  10. People this getting ridiculous and bordering Facebook rabble, stick to the issues and leave your arguments at the "door". If people want to believe this guy then let them, in life it is up to the individual to see through the bullshit, is it really affecting you on such a great level that you feel the need to speak out about this guy. ANd the reason I am posting this is because it is affecting my fucking search on this site. I just want information that could lead to further pursuit of the EE and the aftermath. Give it a rest and just stop all of it, grow up boys/girls!
  11. Where are the admins for this page? We really need to get rid of everything that does not help towards Call of Duty Zombies, including this post about not wanting to see anymore bullshit. Everyone just stop and try. Oh and there is no such thing as a sensible approach to finding out the EE, unless you are an affiliate of TreyArch then you are trying every method just like the rest of us, just shut up about everyone else and just stick to your controllers. We are not going to find the secrets of the easter egg by bitching about each other, and using audio logs or any code within the programming is just cheating...... Happy hunting guys, for those ACTUALLY hunting tsk tsk to the rest
  12. I will have to take a picture tonight and Link it, the "reader" is easily seen to the left of the assembled Pack A Punch machine. Definitely worth looking into more, it is pretty obvious.
  13. FIRST POST (sorry guys if this has been discussed but I could not see any label relating DIRECTLY to a Card Reader Door) First post and could not find much info on the NavCards (because we are ALL trying to figure them out) but I have heard little mention of the "Card Reader" next to the Pack A punch? The number correspond with codes on the Moon from Blops 1. Now since people are going crazy over the Laundromat door and the lights that come from it, perhaps the NavCard(s) need to be inserted into various locations to be imprinted with the codes that are visible (such as the reader near the PaP) Just a thought and have yet to prove it. I am in need of completing the second half of the EE so perhaps that is necessary. We know that Laundromat has significance and may be accessible (after viewing the vid where a guy's game glitched and he could view all interactable items/doors OPEN and the Laundry Door was open clear as day.) The reason I bring this up along with the NavCards is possibly the Laundry door is a keycard door (like modern electric lock doors) After examining the door with great detail this could be a possibility. If someone could give this a try then please let me know.
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