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  1. As I stated in another post, I think we will be riding the dragons to the PAP...SO i agree with your Theory
  2. Im in the US, already have the Theme and the DLC will auto down-load on July 10th. I just went to the PS Store and Add-ons and Decent was already there with the option to "Pre-order" I have the season pass so the 'pre-order" was free.
  3. looks like we are going to be riding the dragons to the PAP!
  4. There is a wall in the bunker that disappears when you Mesmerize it with the skull, it shows vines with some kind of heart thing behind the vines. I tried shooting it with everything with no luck. Maybe something happens when you shoot it as a spider?
  5. Happening to me too, the last like 10 solo games, farming LDs, Im stuck playing as him as well. Nikolai
  6. In the room with all the Monitors, where the Fireplace is with the Dragon above. If you shoot the moon with a lot of bullets, disco music plays and the disco ball lights show up......
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