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  1. I need to push the button in Buried still, anyone down? Richtofen side.
  2. Need 3 people to push the button. just got my PS3 working again and its the only EE i have not done. Richtofen side.
  3. Good, he ruined zombies, should have just kept Jimmy
  4. The second one is at the very top of the light house. I used a sniper, don’t know if you have to. Look at the little nub above the big light.
  5. Thanks, would you happen to know about the round 150 cut scene? If you get the cut scene does it record it as finishing the main quest in the map selection screen?
  6. Also, in another game I was able to find a golden wisp through a window. Was not able to do anything got downed looking at it and had no ammo. was not in the same place the next game and I was unable to find it.
  7. in front of hanger 4 to the left there is a tanker truck and the brake lights are blinking morse code. Anyone know anything about that? Has this been translated?
  8. Or better Idea, we are in Samantha's house and each room has a portal that takes you to these locations, so they are part of the map but no the whole map.....
  9. My guess is the sections of old maps will be for the EE maybe? a place to teleport to? I dont want just a map of all the old maps mashed together but if they make these areas places you need to teleport to to buy guns or perks or to do steps of the EE im cool with that.....
  10. As I stated in another post, I think we will be riding the dragons to the PAP...SO i agree with your Theory
  11. Im in the US, already have the Theme and the DLC will auto down-load on July 10th. I just went to the PS Store and Add-ons and Decent was already there with the option to "Pre-order" I have the season pass so the 'pre-order" was free.
  12. looks like we are going to be riding the dragons to the PAP!
  13. looks like it was fixed, was able to complete the SOE EE, again, last night with no issues and we were all using the gumball machine alot.....
  14. Now they just have to fix SOE crashing after getting the swords and Ill have them all done, again. But I totally agree with coming back to The Giant after its all said and done to "Summon" something and end the story. This reminds me of BO1 and the Moon EE......
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