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  1. I was playing last night and for some reason the zombies were slow the whole game. Its like they were set on round 1 but it was round 20 and they never ran or anything but a slow walk kinda like on round one. I looked online but I couldn't find anything really. Edit: we were on a non ranked game as well.
  2. The best thing I have tried is having a team mate stand on the ring and just aim straight for them. Every jump I usually get it on first try. Jump from rocket launch pad to spawn room of course.
  3. Okay, you pretty much stand in the ring that is glowing and take "a leap of faith" shot over everything. This is the worst spot you can get, and it happened to be my first.
  4. No one wants to read backlog on an old post. A fresh post is quick and to the point. No backlog. I have a better chance of getting an answer with a fresh post. Just me adding this comment is adding to the backlog of this post. So I will stop now.
  5. I think I know what I was doing wrong. When I was exiting the doors after launch, I was trying to shoot it from a side angle in a way. I think if I move over more, my back facing the rocket, I will get a straight shot on the glowing spot. In all the videos I watched some did from the side (pretty close to the doors) but most are facing it with back to rocket. They also said don't hold your bow back when exiting doors. To just run up and shoot quick, some didn't even need to pull the bow back all the way either. I'll update when I actually try. Hopefully soon. Thanks for the tips by the way Tatoo247 and Tender_Nuggett99
  6. For the life of me I'm having trouble with the second step at the launch pad. As soon as the doors open after a test launch I'm jetting out to shoot the glowing rock. It just isn't activating. I even have enough time to shoot three times almost and still nothing. I must be shooting in the wrong spot or something. When the rock isn't glowing anymore I have noticed a decent size hole/indention on the rock facing the direction you can see. Is that the spot I have to shoot? Just don't know what I'm doing wrong. Last bow I have to obtain as well. This step shouldn't be this hard. I have been doing easter eggs since World At War, this is the first time I haven't been able to complete a step. Go figure.
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