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  1. Vezok54

    Weird glitch on solo mode

    I'm pretty mad then because I reinstalled the game today after deleting it yesterday and I still can't play as anyone else other than Nikolai...Is it a problem with my copy or....God...I don't want to play as Nikolai all the time..
  2. Vezok54

    Weird glitch on solo mode

    I've been having a weird glitch during solo play on the Giant. The only character I can play as is Nikolai...I can't play as anyone else. I've restarted that matches over 40 times but only Nikolai shows. Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. I'm having a weird glitch on black ops 3 that when whenever I play solo on the giant, the only character I play as is Nikolai. I seriously restated almost 40 times and I can't play as any other character than Nikolai. Shadows of evil is working fine but I can't play as my fav Richtofen anymore because of this stupid glitch. Is anyone else having this problem?

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