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  1. I have a theory about the bus sounds on the zombies map nuke town. If you look in the room over by the m16 on transit you can see that it says shelter. When I heard the bus horn it sounded like it was coming over by the shelter. that might explain about the shelter being open after you go down and the game is over. then I realized that the bus could have taken Marlton to transit.
  2. The only other thing i can make of it is that avagadro spawned like that
  3. the other info could be found out in the revolution dlc for black ops 2
  4. I was playing transit when Samuel said something about a secrat government then that reminded me abot the government in mount whether if a crisis is happening and the government dies that that government would take over but what my theory is that the secret government could be working with richtofen in some way if anyone has inforfation about this theory plese pm me
  5. the onley other way I can make of the vid is that avgadro could be harvesting the power from the tower of babble
  6. I think it will be more helpful if u said what person ur friend was and I can try to find out
  7. the HAARP station could be sending the element 115 through the atmosphere and that is what I think could be spreading the 115 around
  8. What I think the HARRP research station has to do with TranZit is that it controls the zombies. I know it might be wrong and I think that Samantha is still in control but this my theory about it.
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