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  1. So I was playing Tranzit split-screen, and something kept happening. I was offline, on an account that hadn't done either easter egg, hadn't even built the Obelisk table. After I had turned on the power, about round four. I was in the town building up points for Juggernog. I got a headshot on a Zombie and there was what looked like a lightning strike blew him up. And then that kept happening, seemingly randomly. Even when I wasn't getting headshots. And power-ups seemed to be dropping more frequently. And no, I wasn't on Easy mode, and this happened for the next eleven rounds, where I died after running out of ammo in Nacht. Is this new? Has anyone seen this kind of thing? To me, it smelled like easter egg. Also, I've been reading posts anonymously since black ops 2 release. So I'm not a total scrub. EDIT: I don't have any footage or a screenshot. The reason for posting this was to see if someone else has seen this. And seeing as how I'm not asking anyone to do anything, or try something, or waste anyone's time, this is somewhat obviously not a troll.
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