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  1. Well I thought of something. The gamemode is called Die Rise. Maybe 2 of your teammates with the orbs need to die in the Buddha room. Don't revive yourself, but let the Who's Who ghost get reincarnated in the room. Reviving is healing, dying and coming back is reincarnation.
  2. Well the enlightened one could be the room with the Buddhas. Reincarnated using who's who could do the trick.
  3. Anyone tried to sliquify the main elevator?
  4. Hi there, long time reader, but all this Die Rise excitement made me decide to finally create an account here. My English is not perfect, so be warned So me and my buddies were playing Die Rise earlier, and we discovered that every team member can find a key in the tunnel after you fall down with the elevator. The keys can be 'build' at the keyholes right next to some 'perk elevators'. A sound can be heard when done correctly. Sadly there were only 3 of us and we couldn't find the 4th key. Can anybody try to find the 4 keys with their team and use it on the keyholes? If this works, the next step could have something to do with those markers on the rooftop. -Silver
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