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  1. I would either plug your (smartphone) into your computer and find the picture (DCIM folder for Android, or the only folder for iPhone) and drag it on to your desktop, etc. Or e-mail the picture to yourself, from your regular phone (you can find out how to send text to e-mail online. It's easy), then save to desktop, etc.
  2. Revealed? Yea there is a good chance... If we don't die.
  3. Which, in my opinion, must mean something. On the right track or not - it means something.
  4. When the Avogadro spawns, we should try and bring him inside of the power room and kill him in certain areas like the computer room, the power boxes, etc. If nothing happens, then we should try to kill him near the electric trap... Maybe this could harness his power and we could use it in different locations? To power the navcard? To change the bus? This may have potential...
  5. This made me smile. I think that is the case with almost every user on here. It may not be, but it sure as heck WAS the case for me. This forum has a way of doing that. I'll double that one!
  6. There is a sign in Diner that says something like "Diner on 24 hours" or something like that... It's not important. What IS important though is what letters are illuminating. Those letters are "NO, W, DI, E, O, N, 4, U". If you were to put those in a logical order it would be "U die now on 4" or "You die now on four (4)". I think that has to mean something, because it's Treyarch - where everything means something. So maybe you die on round 4 for something, with 4 players, on the 4th stop, with 4 turbines (or any part), or anything like that. That's my take on the letters. Does anyone else have any idea on what they could mean?
  7. Interesting... Haven't read or thought about these yet. Tonight, I'll just camp on the bus for a couple hours while my second controller is in the barrier glitch in the power station and just wait and see what happens.
  8. Can someone make me a ringtone of Russman saying "Fuck you Darlington, I can build shit too!" Pretty please?
  9. Yea, the whole thing is very interesting and complicated IMO. And yes, The NeverEnding Story was one of my childhood highlights. Wonderful story.
  10. Listen here... This may not make a lot of sense now, but it should after you hear me out. When Treyarch told the public that there is a massive story-mode of some sort in zombies, we all freaked out assuming there would also be a very complicated Easter egg. What Treyarch might have done is make us freak out potentially so we would over look a very simple part of the Easter egg. They knew we would spend countless hours trying to find a complicated step to the story, that we would jump to crazy theories and conspiracies. Maybe, just maybe, the next step (or a missed step) is a simple process such as throwing a grenade on a certain area, or really anything so simple that we wouldn't even think about it. In other words... When you're trying to hide something, you want to put it in a place so simple and obvious that everyone would overlook it without it even coming to their thought process because they would be looking for something so complicated no one could ever figure it out. I hope I'm making sense right now... But I think a at least a few people need to look for very basic and simple (possibly missed) steps in the process for the Easter egg. I'm trying out simple ideas tonight to see if I make any progress towards the solution. EDIT: My friend on PS3 said he shut down the bus with EMP grenades on the bridge and he heard the bus driver say something along the lines of "New bus route initializing-." He said he'll be posting that video tonight on YouTube. His channel is UnitedGamerz4545. These are his words, not mine so don't kill me if he's wrong. You know as much as I do.
  11. Has no one paid attention to which way the arrow is pointing? It's pointing right, which is the general direction of Bus Depot from the tunnel. So with that being said, I think these two are linked. Just zombie spawns or not, they are connected.
  12. I know a lot of you are getting sick of trying and trying to complete this damn Easter egg, with no success. No, I have not come here to say I've found the answer... But I believe I have found a step that could be important. I haven't seen this been posted here before(although I'm sure someone else has seen it)so I'll give it a go. In the starting room in bus depot there are posters all around the room. One of them is a picture of the tower and it says "POWER!" along with some numbers / codes on the bottom. I can't post a picture right now because I'm at work, but it isn't hard to find. I think if we decrypt everything like this it will get us closer and closer to figuring out this mess. December 21st is just around the corner, and I have reason to believe that Treyarch would spoon feed us the information if we don't discover it by then, so we all must try to find little clues / hints that can at least bring us in the right direction.
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