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  1. I like the collaboration maps more than the ones containing our N4 (Which would be the strictly Zombie Dev maps) But as far as how much influence the Zombie devs actually had in those maps is questionable. I honestly think they gave the Campaign team the general idea and let them run with it when they made the map. Notice how Jimmy and all of the other Zombie Devs tweeted so much about the other maps. I.E all the clues they put out, all of the tweets about every map besides MoTD and Origins. Jimmy hasn't tweeted AT ALL about either map, which leads me to believe they either really don't care a
  2. I know someone may have said this but this is my take on this "cop out" of an ending they put together. Lets see we have 2 kids in a room Sam and Eddie. One kid says there eyes should be blue (Eddie) one disagrees (Sam) So BO1 story Samantha is making the rules and Eddie is playing against her as the People. (Like think of the toys. Eddie is playing with our O4, due to him being in the group. And Sam with the zombie toys) Then Next Game Eddie controls the zombies (BO2 storyline) and makes their eyes blue like he wanted and now Sam controls the characters. (Which could make sense
  3. I've been watching NGT's livestream and they seem to be about as far as the rest of the community. After doing all of the staffs and inserting them into the robots (Freya - Ice, Thor - Lightning, Odin - Wind) they recieved zombie blood and heard samantha say "Step 3, Rain Fire". They did the fist tablets and charged them by punching the zombies, took it back to its original location and are now punching them to charge it again. From what i've been told they will get napalm monkeys or something and they have to throw it somewhere. They haven't finished so i will update my post once its done.
  4. IDK if anyone has really notice but there are ALOT of camping spots on this new map. ALL of which have no spawns behind you but all in front of you. The Jugg hallway is one of them. But once your in rds 45+ even these locations become difficult to hold off. Its all about "Dat Trigger Finger". Stop asking Treyarch to nerf the world because people found easy places to camp in zombies. Noone said zombies was all about the trains, but anytime someone finds a good spot to camp and get high rounds it becomes an exploit, or someone whines about a gun being OP. First it was Jet Gun sucks, Then Sliquif
  5. I can say i played today and i had my Perma Jug. But i lost it due to reaching rd. 15. I haven't tried to get it back. But if it was removed, wouldn't that mean i wouldn't have had it to begin with when i started the game? Someone should hop into a game and test this. If noone gets to it before i get a chance i will try it myself. I can say if they got rid of it I will be pretty upset, Its really the only good perma perk.. Edit: are you saying they can't get it in buried? Or that it doesn't carry over from any map?
  6. I am almost 100% sure he is showing you what will happen if Maxis wins in round Infinity. Because he tells them they need to make a small fix. What i took from that was they died because they failed Richtofens steps and Maxis killed them, which is why he told them to go into round Infinity. I dont see why Richtofen would Kill the other 3 and remain alone with noone to talk to. That does not sound like him at all. IF anything he will kill them and use his new strength to put the Old characters in new bodies. Maxis states clearly he is going to kill them all. As for bodies to choose from, he onl
  7. I'm guessing this is what Vonderhaar ment by us "Choosing" the fate of the old 4. Maxis obviously wants to destroy everyone and everything besides samantha. Richtofen wanted to be able to return to the physical world and still control the zombies. So with Maxis they would all die which is the "future" richtofen showed them in Infinite round. With Richtofen they will more than likely escape and continue their journey like they have every other map. Now that Richtofen has a body we need to think what he's going to do with it and the others now that they can hear him. And also think about IF thes
  8. I've only seen PTG's video of this and tbh i dont think they actually achieved this. There's no proof of completion of the EE or that they entered a new game. Just the video of the quote and the screen already red. Here in this video from LiamFTWinter we have actual Proof. He has all perks, which would prove he has completed the EE, unlike the other video which we have no indication of anything. I think we should theorize on what Richtofen is going to be doing until someone fully uncovers this Maxis EndGame.
  9. I'm not so sure about this. Only because we only see the video of it already being red. So how did this happen? Did they start a new game and it looked like this? Because if this is after the EE they should have every perk (Since there is no way to lose them).
  10. I'm guessing the time bomb will reset the whisp and you would have to do the process a second time to power the second bulb. But i'm not sure if that would reset the first bulb and make it go out. Wish i had the map so i could keep trying to figure this out. Dalek and NGT both went offline. Damn Exclusive content!!!
  11. OK so spiderbite used his knuckles on the signs. They recieved a sound cue and Maxis spoke but you had to be close to the jail so they didnt get the quote on the stream. But The zombies arms started glowing. Has anyone else seen this happen? Heres a screen They are using this orb to power the zombies up or something. After that they dont know what else to do. sorry if i keep editing the post but noone else has posted anything regarding this orb. From what i can tell they ALL have to stay really close to it (like literally almost inside of it) and follow it. And if one per
  12. No I watched NGT do it and they did not recieve any audio quote. They are doing Maxis side. BUT. They aren't using outside sources so they don't know the markings are a cypher having to do with the mine shaft signs they already hit. As far as i know this is as far as anyone has made it for Maxis. And it also means there has to be more to this step.
  13. I dont know if these are steps that have been posted. But i have been wathcing NGT on livestream, and they were working on Maxis. I watched them use knuckles on the signs in the mines and they started showing a red glow. They also used the Huckleberry (or Leeroy) by the church to kill zombies to power the lantern. I dont know exactly which steps these are but i know they have to do with the Maxis side. Which doesn't seem to be figured out very much from the first post. Edit* I was typing as the others posted these steps lol
  14. I don't see why more people are excited about this new map. With it being the 3rd DLC with only 1 more after this. It almost HAS to fill up all the gaps in the story that will lead us up to our final zombies map, where we finish it all (I hope not, but i could see this happening). This maps EE is going to have some really big answers for us. And I myself and extremely excited to find out whats going on in this story. Because right now i'm really confused on what the motive is behind this whole Tower thing, Where the hell the O4 are, and why we have these navcards. I'm sure 2 of the 3 questions
  15. Seems like there will be more than one EE option on this one. Or possibly a 2 Part EE. "Be Their Pawn" and "Re Write History". I'm going to go with The first being Richtofen and Maxis again. And the second will have to do with our O4. Cant wait to see how this map turns out.
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