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  1. Treyarch, if you see this, then please try to understand. I'm a solo player, last time I played co-op Zombies was when moon came out, just to complete the easter egg. Since then I only play solo, I got no one to play Zombies with who doesn't screw up. Please Treyarch for the Easter eggs, make them all completeable on solo. You could make them possible to do on a unranked solo mode, so it doesn't count for the leaderboards or level you up. I only did the Shangri-La and Moon easter eggs once and I want to do them every now and then. Unfortunately I can't. I like to explore the maps and do stuff for myself sometimes and the easter eggs are the most interesting parts of the maps. I'm certainly not the only one wanting solo easter eggs. They have to be quite long but completable on solo. Thank you for your time. -xX--AyRtOn--Xx
  2. @_rez_ works with Zombies as some of you know and a new tweet just appeared: @_rez_: Ready your Ray Gun and aim for their heads... For tonight, we dine in hell!! Soo looks like we got confirmation that the Ray Gun is coming back in Black Ops 2 Zombies! A classic gun in Zombies could mean that other wonder weapons from black ops are coming back, what do you think? -xX--AyRtOn--Xx
  3. Sincerely, I'm super happy that 3arc are bringing back the spooky feeling to Zombies, it is maybe better than at the beginning, I can't wait for Black Ops 2, Zombies now are packed with new game modes + our classic mode we love. Zombies has never been so big and I think it's going to be bigger than multiplayer itself! -xX--AyRtOn--Xx
  4. Awesome news! The official Call of Duty channel uploaded a new video! It's kinda weird, the title is power_on_v1.wav which suggest it could be the sound of turning the power on but it is too long... Go, watch and analyse!
  5. Hello fellow Zombie killers! I'm a member for some time now but never introduced myself. I'm a passionate Zombie killer from Luxemburg, Zombies for me is like its own game and I must say it's my favourite game of all time, I know the storyline by heart and prefer playing on solo because I got no Zombie partner and playing with randoms is a no-go for me. I'm into Zombies since World at War Nacht der Untoten. At that time Zombies was like the Horror mode of CoD lol, because I perfectly understand german and I read night of the undead and thought well Treyarch is going nuts... But at the end I liked it and today I can't get enough of it. Well, this forum is amazing, a place where I can find people like me and where I can find the best theories and strategies for Zombies. -xX--AyRtOn--Xx
  6. I think Nuketown Zombies will be a Zombies Multiplayer map, like for 4z4 modes...
  7. Well, it's been a while now, but I listened to the audio reel over and over again and seriously I think my theory is the most reasonable one. Come on, Maxis knew more than he showed, he made research about vril and somehow he knew the M.P.D would allow Sam to be in aether, plus he knew being in aether meant having a catastrophic power! He somehow knew how to get to aether too, or in the computer.. Maxis knew or knows more than we think...
  8. To be honest I think Maxis was not the one shot, which doesn't mean he's not dead, but look at it from this point of view: Groph or Schuster shot at Sam, feeling in danger because they know what the M.P.D is capable of and because Maxis told Samantha to kill them all. If you listen carefully you can hear Maxis yelling no AFTER the shot. He could be yelling no because they shot Samantha (which didn't kill her). Maxis could have been killed by anyone, even Sam. If Sam killed her father, then just to bring him to Aether. The hissing noise, that you think is Maxis's soul being sucked in, is the pyramid closing! Samantha then goes on a rampage because her father asked her to kill them all. Thanks for your time and I'm not saying this is what really happened but it is a very interesting theory in my eyes! Feel free to leave your ideas here guys! An I'm grateful for every brains!
  9. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it! [brains] for you!
  10. So guys, I've been trying for ages now to get that perk bottle, but I tried every single way that has been said. The two only ways that are plausible are: The QED and the launch pads. Every other rumor is false, like hacking max ammo or any other power-up. I looked at the launch pads every time there is a power-up floating around it, and it never changed to a perk bottle at the last half-second. My last chance would be the QED, but again I never get the perk bottle. I throw it near a vending machine but I never get a perk bottle. I must be a very unlucky person, because I saw a photo that a guy made where he had 6 perks at once!! Can't quite remember where he got those from. So please if anyone here got the perk bottle, then please post here how you got it, how many times you tried and most importantly: You must prove it! I thought it would be better if there was a post where everyone seeking for the bottle like me, would find every information necessary to get it. I appreciate every help support and [brains] ! ( LoL it's my first topic and I'm already [brains] -whor*ng, sorry for that)
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