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  1. I was just thinking, if the zombies can sprint like crazy towards the bus while its in motion, what's stopping them from jumping massive heights to get to a helicopter? (That's a little extreme, I know) Also, there could be some kind of buildable turret that shoots out a grappling hook to zipline across from building to building. You'd probably only get to use it a couple times though. Not infinitely.
  2. Yesterday I had a great game of TranZit on solo (great for me at least ). It took about 2-3 hours, but when I check my theater mode for recent games, I can't find it. The reason I wanted to look at it was to see about all the "perma-perks" I gained/lost in that game. Does it just not record solo or was my game to long or something? I'm pretty confused. Help would be appreciated. :D
  3. I'm not sure whats going on with theater mode,but occasionally when i go to watch one of my recent games, my xbox will just freeze. The background music still plays, but i cant do anything. Is anybody else having this problem? Also, I am not sure if this topic is in the correct place.
  4. I was just thinking of how cool it would be if you were wandering through a future DLC zombie map, and out in the distance you saw a building that looked just like Verruckt. I think that would be super awesome especially if you could wander through it just like NDU in TranZit.
  5. That sounds pretty cool. When I first saw the navcard I was like wtf is this?
  6. I was thinking that maybe the navcard will help you navigate through the fog?
  7. I'll probably get the game sometime this week, but I probably won't get to play it until the weekend :(
  8. who would gain from the new characters communicating/finding/meeting up with the O4? That's the more important question. If not directly the O4, then who could it be? I'm seriously asking all of you I guess it could combine with my first suggestion, maybe Richtofen/Maxis wants them to team up to destroy one of them (Richtofen/Maxis)
  9. I have kind of 2 things to add to this. 1st off: Maybe there is two separate ways that the characters can go about doing this, helping Richtofen or helping Maxis. What I mean by that is since Richtofen and Maxis are enemies, Richtofen could want the players to find a way to destroy Maxis, and Maxis could want the players to destroy Richtofen. 2nd: This is somewhat contradictory to my previous guess, but maybe the "voices" want the new characters to locate the old characters (Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Sam) and team with them or something of the sort.
  10. Basically what I had said earlier about temporary usage of the perk machine after killing the electric zombie near the machine.
  11. What if you can really only buy perks if the power is on, but if there is that electric zombie we saw in the trailer, maybe if we killed it by a perk machine it would power on for a limited time. Any thoughts on that?
  12. Saw a strange floating object at 1:42 that all the zombies seem to be following. Thought I should point it out. Might be new equipment of some sort.
  13. I already did, d00d. Yeah you did. I was too tired to realize. Sorry man!
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