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  1. Hmmm i hope 3-arc does a good job with MP.... I think they'll do good especially with Create-a-Class 2.0, but I want ZOMBIIEEEEES
  2. thanks, i have a question.How do you earn brains?
  3. Yes cod10 is coming out and I heard there done making WWII games and now will do other times because theyve done about 4 WWII games. also, i want a CoD game of some war right now (Not WW3 not WW4 maybe like in afghanistan not in 1986, in 2013 etc.)
  4. Prestige 4 lvl 36 K/D ratio: 0.60 :p
  5. I'm pretty sure they confirmed zombies campaign but you need to work on your grammar. [brains]
  6. ITehJelleh

    Story Theory

    Zombies has it's own Storyline, theres no way it can relate to the single player campaign.
  7. Probs from the level where you get off the chair and you find out where Dragovich is
  8. Hai Im new to i like doing easter eggs too..
  9. Hi i'm ITehJelleh, a Zombies player on PSN i liek to play zombies.
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