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    The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    I think that the statement might be both an answer AND a question. Or, quite possibly, a new beginning! It IS called "Zombies best kept secret." after all. I would just like for someone to noclip the map and point out what is hidden in the mountains. Hey, maybe they'll see little green men ! All jokes aside, It'd still be cool to find out EXACTLY what 3ARC is talking about. Or at least, a little part of it. Something interesting that I've found out is the prototype of the 31-79 JGb215 was supposed to have 3 other statues that could be swapped/equipped. A red one, yellow one, green one, and black one. Obviously we got the green one, but the red: fire, yellow: electricity(?), and black: death. Just thought I would put that in there in case there's another, smaller easter egg within the map.
  2. Dr. KillJoy

    The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    It's a nice theory, but I think it's wrong. I still don't think that how Brock and Gary got there has been answered, or how any of the people-turned-zombies got there. And with the "range of posibilities" maybe we're missing something underground? They said Shangri-La was a mountain pass, so maybe the map is just part of a mountain pass, and they tried going underground(?) Not to doubt the Mars theory, but I don't think 3ARC would take us to another planet before going to the moon. I personally don't think they need to go anywhere else in our Solar System, the moon is good enough As for the mine, perhaps it was just an ancient location of 115 that was discovered on accident by Richtofen when he was teleported. But I wont argue, just have a reasonable explanation for how everyone got to Mars (the people-turned-zombies and Brock and Gary).
  3. Dr. KillJoy

    Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    Kingjessop, your theory about the interactive things in the 4 rooms is pretty awesome. [brains] But I think it'd be more like: Nikolai, the rocket (since it's a Russian rocket); Tank, big teddy bear with the machete; Takeo, the monkey bomb; and Richtofen, the dentists' chair. Interesting find
  4. Dr. KillJoy

    SEVEN fuse boxes

    To thethiny, there is already another "big" main wire from the teleporter, it leads up to the red box next to the window near the teleporter. Not saying your own theory is wrong, it's just people need proof

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