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  1. But back to Misty. I always find her Juggernog quote on Buried like super weird. Do you see how her voice changes. It think it changees in tranzit also, yet different. If she is not hiding anything I am afraid I will have to rate her as a rather boring character. I mean most times when I watch the cutscenes, I would skip her part.
  2. There is an original post on this topic, but it is so far down the list I guess we can just post here. To answer your question, there is no solid evidence as to who is/are the voice(s). At first, I believed the voice belonged to Richtofen because I feel like he is not capable of sustaining his position in the aeather. I thought he had been possessed by a demonic entity. BUT MY OPINION HAS CHANGED DUE TO A RECENT GAME OF BURIED....HERE'S WHY!!! Ok so we can confirm that the voice says things like "Help" or "Help Meeeee" etc. Well, if you knife kill a zombie on Buried with Stu, you may get this quote, "You know you don't exactly act like you want help." When I heard that quote from Stu, I was like ok that had to be a reply to some of the cries being heard in Die Rise. Zombie Soul: Heeeeelp me!!! *Yet charges at Samuel aggressively* Stu: :| You know you don't exactly at like you want help. It makes since to me that way. So even though I still believe that Edward is possessed and in a lot of trouble with the true ruler of the aether, I now believe that the cries are just coming from the zombies/crawlers which were all former human beings. To back this up. There is an easter egg song analogy from a BO1 map (I never played BO1 or WaW sorry, but I have done some good Zombie research)where some stated that even though the zombies are aggressive as they are, it is only because they want to die. Meaning that the only way you can help them is to kill them. We as normal human beings usually do not resort to helping someone by killing them. So the Zombies force us to help/kill them by attacking us, therefore forcing us to defend ourselves via lethal force. I'm sure there is more evidence to be found in Buried so please let me know what you find. :)
  3. I need a good team for Richtofen's side....GT my2ndcuzin.
  4. Its the flesh. Samuel knows about the flesh, the others don't. Richtofen, same story. Al, same story. This "flesh" is causing a gap in between even our playable characters. This "flesh" is communicating with Edward/Samuel in Die Rise and it can be heard this time around. What is it saying???
  5. Right. I run to power, ride the lift, the dolphin dive inbetween the tower and B23R room. It works. You also get the headpopper pro perk.
  6. You gotta use it with the right gun. I like to use it with the Uzi mainly because of the low 25 rounds. Most people dont know that cherry zaps the strongest when you waste a full clip of ammo. So the a gun with low rounds such as the Uzi with Double Tap, Speed, and Cherry is the way to go. Double Tap makes you empty the clip faster, next Cherry zaps all nearby zombies, then the quick reload with Speed...rinse and repeat. also if the zombies become stunned just melee them with the golden spoon. :)
  7. Yea I did. This is no troll, Sir. XBL- my2ndcuzin add me and Ill show you. :)
  8. Decided to make a thread since I know what it does. I have not tried anywhere else but if you dolphin dive from under the tower to your death you will respawn with both pro jug & pro quick revive. Maybe more but I know you will get these. Hope this helps - 2 players or more - you have to spare a down
  9. Look for yourself. OK when the MP5 is to your left walk strait into the back area where the Trample Steam cushion is. As soon as you enter that room look to the left and you will see several perk bottles on a table. You cant miss it. edit: played campaign, those are just beer bottles like the one Mason had.
  10. When Stu says that quote that means you have attained a new perma perk. I get this quote every time I get Steel barricades. slightly off topic: I dolphin dived from the tower to the Trample Steam room and failed horribly so I fell to oblivion and instantly died. Oddly when I respawned I instantly got the green flash along with this quote. I was so confused. Im gonna try this again this time on purpose to see if it happens again. EDIT: I did it again with Marlton and got his persistent quote and the green flash. How odd. What do you guys think and should I make a thread on my finding. This is no troll just try it and add me: XBL- my2ndcuzin
  11. Fellas I may be wrong here and I apologize if I am, there is a hint on the new perk Eletric Cherry where you can find the bottle on die rise near the MP5 in the room furthest back. There are several perk bottles found on a table. I mean the color scheme fits perfectly but you can barely read the letters. Can someone go 2X Check(see what I did there? ) Or add me and we can look together XBL: my2ndcuzin
  12. I like Edward but I refuse to belive that he is capable of overpowering a top demon that made him piss his pants upon their 1st encounter during the 1st human teleportation. Though time will tell . Now my recent idea goes something like this: IF, AND ONLY IF the avagadro = afterlife and maxis really captured the essence of that poor soul, THEN maybe the soul of the avagadro is what we are hearing crying for help in die rise. Question is who is the avagadro? Is it the Weasel ? He liiiiied......HE LIIIEEEEED!!! Treyarch needs to mend the rift between this story of theirs....
  13. Hey, guys just wondering about flopper and mule kick. Since they are not phase shifting as if they came from another dimension like the other perk machines, what if they were already there? What if during that era mule kick and phd flopper was already invented so the Zombie Leader had no need to grab them from another dimension? Is it safe to say that phd flopper and mule kick are the oldest perks :?: :?: :?:
  14. Guys we are not concerned about what will happen to samuel. The real question is WHO is the voice belonging to, WHAT is he/she warning Samuel about, WHERE is the voice coming from, and WHY/HOW is the voice bothering Stu other than other playable/nonplayable characters infected by 115 :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
  15. This thread is what I have been looking for for days. I even looked on youtube and found only 2 videos about this topic :x (cant provide links because I'm on Xbox). Some people think that one of the quotes is "I....cant...BREATHE", hinting that the next map is somewhere where there is a shortage or lack of oxygen; i.e. Moon or an underwater-map. I think that if we can decipher what the voices are saying we may be able to see what's next to come. As far as triggering the voices I think they come at random times. I just started solo with Stu and I heard the voices with my starting 500 points. Keep it up guys this topic is all that I will focus on for now :)
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