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  1. I totally agree. The core zombies is about survival, not progression... I use to be so excited for zombies and now i have no idea if i should cry or goto treyarch and start snapping discs. Sure, it could be fun but treyarch broke their promise as soon as the multiplayer engie was introduce to zombies. Also, one big map with seperate areas? Cool, zombies ow has a bordom factor i somewhat agree.What is really going to bug me when I'm playing survival is that there is a whole world out there that i wont be able to get to because it will be blocked off. Also expect these survival maps to have boring names like "barn" and "diner".I kinda wish they made a survival map separate from the whole tranzit idea with a similar style to black ops/ [email protected] I feel the survival maps wont have any character that separate them from each other which was a great thing about black ops. Idk cause i haven't played it yet but these are just my initial thoughts from whats shown in the trailer
  2. it's will be on bigger maps, but to me the map will stay the same size aka bigger. ok thanks again for all your help!!
  3. no i understand that part but what map(s) will grief be on? will it be on the giant map or will it be on the blocked off portions of the map similar to survival?
  4. Grief is for mp zombies. The other two are for story or private matches. Survival and grief are two different things. so they are on the multiplayer maps? or are they seperate maps completely different from everything else?
  5. ok one last question....is grief on the survival maps or the big trazit map and then im DONE I PROMISE :lol:
  6. Yes. You hit the head on the nail. alrighty thanks boss... believe it or not im not a noob at playing the game but im a noob at the terminology of it :lol:
  7. ok so let me get this straight tranzit- perform quests(kinda like borderlands) till you beat the game- perks included survival- areas of tranzit that are round based with perks pack a punch etc
  8. ok thank you...it will interesting how we are going to survive with no perks We have perks. They showed Speed Cola in the Diner. i thought treyarch said that all the magic items will be in survival mode only? "These areas feature the same gameplay zombie fans are used to, including magic items and 'Pack-a-Punch' machines."-joystiq article under survival section are perks included in magic items?
  9. Complete quest as you traverse the apocalyptic world to reach the ultimate goal: salvation. ok thank you...it will interesting how we are going to survive with no perks ;)
  10. Does anyone know the "goal" of tranzit or is it basically survival with rounds and perks but 10000x bigger?
  11. ok did anyone else notice how treyarch didnt really show the faces of the other survivors that much besides the hipster dude with the glasses :geek: and a little bit of the chick hmmmm :roll: does this really mean anything... or am i just being overly analytic :lol:
  12. i voted rictofen....i don't see who else it could be...it just doesn't make sense for it to be this random guy.... yes the guy from the codzl trailer does seem to stand out because of his different outfit but i think we need to just wait for more information to come out(new zombie trailer maybe?)... if they do another live action trailer and this guy is brought up again then i think is the time to start debating the subject on who this guy really is....theres my 2 cents :D
  13. I would like them to actually change the guns similar to what they did in WaW by adding different guns to new maps like the ppsh.....i really wanted them to put the m60 and ak47 in BO but they decided to just keep all the guns the same which kinda got boring :|
  14. hi guys im kinda new here but i have a quick thought....maybe rictofens body IS actually in the MPD but treyarch couldnt change a whole new character model mid-game to show that they did switch places so they just changed their voices and maybe thought we would assume that rictofen's body was in the MPD.....just a thought idk
  15. i hope not.... that's why the maps in MW3 sucked because they had to make them smaller so people couldn't just run off and hide somewhere
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