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  1. In all fairness if the first standard for giving the name was the first letter of the individual map packs themselves (FEAR). Then shouldn't the name for bo2 be the same? (RUV-). Why the switch is what I'm asking. Anyway as for the next map not being agartha, we don't have definite proof (even though I'm on board with it probably not being that), so can't exactly rule out any possibilities. IMO it can go one of 3 ways- return to moon (50/50), agartha (not likely 80/20), completely different map (50/50). Won't say which characters though cuz it seems like a complete toss-up.
  2. You know this is the third installment of this story right? I don't really count it as the third installment for the sole reason that I didn't start playing till black ops. But in all honesty I didn't even find this site till I started playing zombies and by then I saw all the theories relating stuff back to [email protected] Didn't feel like [email protected] had much to tell story wise until the continuation in BO.
  3. Yea I'm not gonna get on board for a third installment of our current zombies story, or even a full on cod zombies game. I mean I'm all for it but it doesn't seem likely currently. From what I'm seeing, looks like we'll be finishing up our story with the n4/o4 and "IF" there's another installment of zombies, we'll probably be following a completely different and new line barring whoever we leave in control of the aether.
  4. Pure speculation, but the next map could be agartha( highly doubt it), or a return to moon and showing how they escaped. In any case if we do see the o4 again I get feeling that the story line they would have is how they escaped from moon and got to wherever they are, and most likely Sam (in richs body) would have been getting instructions from maxis. I think it would tie in to the current storyline with the n4 pretty well.
  5. LJx19

    PHD Flopper Perma Perk

    Have you ever seen anyone keep the Law, China Lake, or Panzershrek? Nope. It has nothing to do with PhD, they are just bad guns. I think Treyarch should remove the persistent upgrade, and bring back the actual perk. I like be challenge of getting every perk in one game, and seeing the symbol for it on the HUD. It makes no sense to keep it away from us for so long then make it so easy to obtain later. Yea, I have ._. Tons of guys I used to play with in bo1 used to rock with pack a punched laws, mustang and sally and ray guns past round 35 on every map with flopper, including myself. The pack a punched law was super effective at taking out waves of zombies even on round 40 ._. Idk about panzershrek because I only started on bo1 not [email protected]
  6. this part! yes, i remember him letting out the most diabolical laugh after we blew up Earth...after that i was like oh no, he isnt at all wat we thought he was...and now look, he shows his true face (not literally lol) and just think about BOTH ends of the Buried easter egg, either one of them ended on a "good note" or gave positive hope- no, both of sides we actually pretty bad. you cant say maxis is evil and richtofen is good for the simple fact BOTH of their paths ended bad... Lol, which is why we' e been going with the lesser of two evils. @mocking And I mean sure you can technically call it a positive ending but the overshadowing story is always gonna put it at two crazy guys having an argument. The one that has his argument sound more like English and less like gibberish isn't sane, just less crazy than the other dude :D
  7. Not to sound rude, but you have no idea exactly what either Maxis or Richtofen will do once we complete their goals, it's still very unclear what position Maxis will be in if he succeeds in his mission. It's also unclear how Richtofen will rule his new world, but I can promise you this it won't be pretty very the people under his rule. Listen, I know every one likes Richtofen. It was everybody's favorite character to play as, I get it. He had funny quotes, everybody liked him. And people will continue to defend him because he was their favorite player in Black Ops. But if you had been following the actual story of Zombies since [email protected] (aka like Tac, MMX, and I have) you would look at the whole Richtofen vs Maxis with a much more open mind. If you honestly think Maxis is bad and Richtofen is good, you need to go back and do your research. Sorry. Not to sound ignorant but I honestly don't care. I've read the majority of theory threads on this site and I sadly do know what I'm talking about. Fact of the matter is richtofen has been painted as the bad guy all along and its hard for the "theorists" of the site to part with that now that rich and maxis have laid out their ultimatums. I mean we've all heard the quotes by now. My opinion of maxis changed ever since moon when he attempted to destroy earth to stop richtofen. There's no actions to justify mass murder to stop one person. Also my fave char was always Dempsey ._.
  8. Srsly? Is there anything this guy can't do?
  9. LJx19

    PHD Flopper Perma Perk

    Incoming expletives. What the fuck? Cheap? The thundergun was cheap. The wave gun was cheap. The shrink gu was cheap. How in bloody hell was giving the few guys smart enough to get a gun that protective services expired at round 35-40 cheap? Especially if your luck was like some people (me) who never got those guns, ever. Not to mention I loved explosives. Pack a punched law, china beach, scavenger ray gun. No way dude. Flopper was the most fun perk ever. They should have brought it back in bo2 for the sole reason that they finally got rid of the real problems (thunderguns, wave guns, shrink guns). Think about it, anyone ever seen ANYBODY in bo2 keep and use the RPG, war machine? NOPE.
  10. Training since bo1 Kino der toten, think I'll try that camping strategy now. Face it kids people been running the train longer and more effectively than they have been using camping strategies. Need I remind you guys (who've been on the forum for a while now) that when bo2 was coming out most expert slayas were all for changing zombie AI so they'd ruin our trains, hell even syndicate was for it. Just because 2 maps have an efficient camping strat now doesn't make them OP. Hell the only map I ever even camped on was five.
  11. Better to die fighting with some hope for survival, than suffer a coward's death. For the guy who said enjoy being slaves to a psycho (2 lazy to quote), need I remind you, either way you're submitting yourself to a psycho. In both cases maxis and richtofen both become "gods" of the world. Except one says just die and the other says, here take a crapload of guns, and go apeshit, and if you die, you die. Richtofen > maxis. Forever
  12. I forgot about that. But you just reminded me. Yes, there is more than one way to determine which is evil. You can't say which way is "right" per say. But I define evil by intention and thus Kant. Anyway, you made an intelligent point but you undermined by the saying Richtofen was better. Richtofen's intent is awful, and his outcome isn't much better. Outcome v. outcome, stalemate. Intent v. intent, Maxis. I feel it's the other way around, intent v intent ( lust for power by any means necessary vs lust for daughter (NOT SEXUAL OBVIOUSLY) by any means necessary) its a stalemate. Outcome vs outcome (all humans annihilated vs human survival and fighting chance) is rich.
  13. You know, this all dates back to the centuries old argument of what defines good and evil. Immanuel Kant said the only good or moral actions relies on the motive. Hence, if your perform an action with a virtuous motive, collateral damage should be ignored. But if you guys are gonna side with maxis (and so by extension Kant) you should remember Kant was a Christian and his good/morals were based on the bible. VS Richard Mill another philospher who argued, no it is not the will, but the outcome that matters. In mill's definition, good is providing the greatest happiness to the greatest number of people. This side of course prefers richtofen. Richtofen was never even slightest bit interested in doing anything for anyone but himself, he craved power and he sear he'd for it relentlessly. He was honest through and through. And he wants to give humanity the fighting chance. And I highly doubt many people would be happy if maxis gave them a sudden swift end, no chance for survival. In conclusion it is a fight about the lesser of two evils of which by any standards, Kant or Mill, richtofen is the winner.
  14. Wow...do I have the right to say first? ._. When transit had just come out and everyone was all good guy maxis, I said, nah Rich is the good guy, he's been saving ass all this time. I used maxis' nuke earth to stop rich as the backbone for my argument though. I finally get to say it...I told ya so 8-).
  15. Mustang and sally, ray gun phd combo is back? I'm a happy camper :D
  16. What exactly does it do when you activate it? Does it send you back in time and give you a second wisp? Because as far as the guys have posted they've done it with no significant after-effects.
  17. Lol that should have been expected, as for the x not showing up on the bells, im not sure if they should. I Think one person just has to stay next to the bulbs in ghost house, have them hit x on the bell anyway and see if it lights up. I couldn't hear the commentary too well due to being on mobile right now. As for the whole 4 player thing, all the ee so far has been 4p so they weren't likely to change :/
  18. Read the first post in the thread and watch the video about maxis' side. They've gotten farther than most others searching for the ee now. They tell you how to do the switches on maxis side and what comes after, so it's probably same way for rich but with different post effect
  19. It really is reminiscent of Elena and bo/waw. It has the soft kind of tune like pareidolia. And the theme really fits.
  20. Anyone tried doing the switches the same way as you do for the maxis side, but for richtofen instead? Just asking because most of the bo2 Easter eggs have been similar in some steps and different in others. Someone give it a try.
  21. Nope I tried that aswell does not do a thing Damn, switch must be elsewhere then, somebody should try spawn?
  22. Ah, I just noticed he said the switch on the couch...Maybe if you look closely you might find it, if not just hit x on couch
  23. I'd assume flip the switch and then use the time bomb(which you've hopefully set up earlier)? :| I'm at a loss.
  24. If anything search behind the house as well, I would say try the maze too but that seems damn tedious. It may even be back at the spawn on the map when u go thru the portal, but keep up the efforts.
  25. Interesting, well someone said they found a switch in the ghost house, in a room. So if anyones still playing maybe give that switch (if you can find it) a try, then see if anything happens.
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