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  1. Have Treyarch elaborated at all about whether or not the 4z4 "versus" mode will even have PVP damage? I was thinking it would just be two teams fighting each other for survival or the most points. If you ask me, PvP would turn the game mode into just a team-deathmatch with wonder weapons since players would most likely focus on killing each other and just avoid the weak little zombies running around.
  2. Perhaps. I think it's main weakness will just be how easy it will be to destroy. I'm guessing it will be like a recon drone from MW3 just with the ability to shoot. Anyway, back on-topic, I guess we'll just have to wait this one out until the trailer airs. :cry:
  3. Perhaps, however it's more likely that the "she" is referring to "Charlene" of the previous post. Charlene is the name of the Quadrotor which appeared in both FPSRussia's teaser video and numerous images surrounding BO2. Here's the previous tweet I think it's referring to: http://twitter.com/Treyarch/status/232594840985141248 That came at 2:51pm, 3 minutes prior to the "morning" tweet so it's likely that it's just a continuation of that tweet.
  4. Back to refreshing then... Haha, yes indeed. Here's the tweet from Treyarch yesterday saying we'll see it in the morning in case anyone missed it: http://twitter.com/Treyarch/status/232595415449612289
  5. All we know is it's coming "morning" (PST). Can't wait..
  6. I love this idea. Imagine the announcer calling the name of each horse as they appear, that would be epic. I think rather than a random horse every time you should get all four horses appearing one after the other every 8 rounds or so. Then it could go in the order of Pestilence, War, Famine, and finally Death. The announcer could cry "PESTILENCE!"; followed by an infectious horse galloping around the map going from perk to perk reducing each perk's capabilities (e.g. juggernog damage protection decreased) until it is killed. Then the announcer could, in turn, call the names of the other 3 horses as they appear until the eventual death of the players or all the horses. War could move around the map randomly spawning zombies as it goes until it is killed, Famine could go from player to player draining their ammo (as in an ammo famine), and finally Death, the most hazardous, could move slower than the other horses but inflict an insta-down if it's deathly aura hit a player. Definately a brilliant idea man, I shall provide you with brains immediately!
  7. Am I the only one calculating this differently? Following the sequence of calculations, I get: 11 x 2 = 22 "Days Left" = 22 days left therefore July 19 (date of tweet) + 22 days = Friday, August 10th, 2012. Even if you use the date July 15 as a reference from the first tweet of the sequence you get Monday, August 6th, 2012, NOT July 9th as a date for the reveal. Am I working this out wrong or missing something or...?
  8. Image is showing on my screen and I checked on my brother's laptop and it's working on that too. Nevertheless, I attempted a repost just in case. I'm just grasping forums so I'm just learning how to post images and shizzle. Heres a link to his twitter just in case it isn't working still: http://twitter.com/davidvonderhaar/
  9. Not sure if this has already been posted but David Vonderhaar's latest tweet seems to hint towards some form of trailer or other BOII promotion, possibly releasing today, tomorrow or later this week. What do you guys think? He could just be joking about this since he may think a ladder stall would be too hard for him and thus he'd just be teasing us however I reckon something big is coming pretty SOON. Link to his twitter: http://twitter.com/davidvonderhaar/
  10. Not all Army Flag Patches are reversed, but only those worn on the right shoulder. The reason has to do with proper display of the flag. The blue field of stars should always be in the highest position of honor. When viewing the flag on a wall, the highest position of honor is the upper left when displayed horizontally, and at the top (upper left) when displayed vertically. When displayed on a "moving object" like a person or vehicle, the highest position of honor is the front, and not the rear; so the field of blue should be displayed to the front. The same principle applies to the eagle rank of Colonels (or Navy Captains); the eagles' heads are always worn facing forward when worn on the uniform, as the forward-facing eagle is the position of honor within heraldry.
  11. Well, If I hear Bring me to life by Evanescence one more time I will seriously consider setting a puppy on fire with rage. ^^
  12. If you ask me, I reckon they'll get Avenged Sevenfold to do most of the songs. Look at the last zombie maps in black ops. Call of the dead with "Not Ready to Die" and Moon with "Nightmare". It's safe to assume Treyarch were happy with the song they did for COTD and that's why they used Nightmare for Moon, so why wouldn't they keep using A7X for zombies? After all, the genre matches the theme and A7X have always been avid CoD players.
  13. A very good theory, I think you're on to something with this. If the zombies mode was indeed set in 2025, why would they be using an outdated weapon? However, could it not be that Treyarch were simply using a stereotypical model of weapon in the poster to hint towards zombies as many people would quickly associate the gun with a double barreled shotgun and imagine zombies. For this reason it might be possible that Treyarch did not put much thought into the model of gun used and simply used it to match the overall zombies theme rather than the date. Also, if you consider that Mark Lamia has suggested a massive innovation for the zombies game-mode, I for one would hate for them to re-use the older weaponry. For me it would feel just like a zombie DLC for the old black ops rather than a new game entirely. Nevertheless, I really strong theory and if you're right it sets a nice time-frame for the zombies to be set in. Good job! [brains]
  14. When reading through Valor1204's idea for customization in Zombie private matches (viewtopic.php?f=100&t=21638), I got to thinking: What if we were able to access the most popular of these modes in an improved Community playlist, similar to the one we saw in MW3. If Treyarch do indeed decide to do team-based gamemodes for zombies, which is likely judging by Mark Lamia's recent hints, it would not be naive to suspect we would have private matches. When Infinity Ward saw the popularity of the "Infected" game-type they made a community playlist so that people could enjoy it as a true, XP-based game-mode like any other. I believe if we are to see another community playlist, and we do see team-based zombie modes, we will definitely have customization for these modes in private and/or a community playlist for the most popular of these game-modes so that people can experience them without the necessity of having friends (lol). If this does indeed happen, it would be nice to see a rating system or a "thumbs-up" system for private zombie modes so that Treyarch could identify which of these modes were the most popular and deduce which ones would be most appropriate for such a playlist. Infinity Ward screwed up in the respect that their community playlist only ever consisted of 2 modes, I hope Treyarch can do better ^^. Thoughts?
  15. Host migration could definitely fix your last concern. However, how would the host migration deal with the difficulty multiplier in terms of Number of players:Number of zombies?. If 4 people left an 8-man game, the remaining 4 players would be faced with 2x the normal amount of zombies they would usually be facing. I'd be interested to see how Treyarch deal with this.
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