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  1. Are you KIDDING me??!!! I was on a run just a minute ago, and I was doing so well that I had to confirm how well I was doing with this thread. I had 222 by 6/6,30 (Ended up dying at around 250 kills). To just think... I was on a potential 360 kill game? It's weird to think of how unpredictable NML can be.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYzEF2zPCFU Nuff said. This isn't the craziest save ever, but the round number makes it worth mentioning.
  3. The first few weeks that I had Black Ops were when Ascension had recently come out, so I was playing that online a lot. I recall this dude in one of my games who was trolling me in EVERY way possible; He tried to explain the infamous "Box Trick" to me, he trapped me in corners (with the help of a friend of his, of course), and upon getting the Ray Gun from the box, he told me that the gun was a hack inserted into the game by him, and that he would have access to my account information if I picked it up (How could I have known better! The Ray gun isn't a "normal" gun, so it was reasonable at the time to assume it was a hack). But yeah, the list goes on and on with that guy. He and his friend ended up carrying us to like the mid-teens. Though I can look back now and see that all of the things he said were complete crap, it was sure believable at the time. Now every time I think about the first week of me having Black Ops, I will always remember how oblivious I was to the basic functions of the game mode. That was defiantly my most embarrassing moment, and I didn't even know it at the time!!
  4. @0stonedshooter0 Yeah, it's *officially* 107 for my Five game. I got to 109, but I can't validate it with any video proof I usually make an update video every 10 rounds for the high round games I do, so I was planning on recording a video at 110; it probably would have been best to at least take some pictures, but oh well @hands Get the record man. With the strategy you're using, it seems very manageable. You may as well go for the big 115 that everyone's been waiting to see on Five You have an Xbox, right? We should chill on there sometime.
  5. Excellent run dude!!! It seems like you and I have very similar goals/objectives as Zombie players. I hope you accomplish 100+ on the rest of the maps you need; I'll be sure to continue on my own quest for the same thing. We'll see who gets there first [brains]
  6. Hi! I got this game on Five like 3 weeks ago but never really tried to put it out there for anyone. So here it is, 107. pTvcZl0WSvw Fixed your video Jim. :mrgreen:
  7. Everyone has been making topics on the things Treyarch should implement in the Black Ops 2 installment of Zombies. With all of those threads in place, I feel it necessary to examine the things that made Zombies so special, and to discuss the things Treyarch should NOT change to ensure that we are all playing the Zombies that we fell in love with. Give me some thoughts For instance, I believe they should keep solo leaderboards OUT of Black Ops 2. Personally, I don't normally keep track of co-op world records on Black Ops because of the amount of glitchers/hackers on the leaderboards. If they add were to add leaderboards to solo play in Black Ops 2, the same would surely happen. I also would appreciate if they kept Zombies set in the past, rather than in the future (As Black Ops 2 seems to be set in). I really enjoyed the cartoonish, unrealistic, and over-the-top feel that came with Zombies, and I feel that setting the maps in a futuristic setting would take those elements away. Again, leave some thoughts!
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