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  1. Well in my opinion i think the only good Black Ops perk is Mule Kick and that's not ever that necessary. but this is a wishlist so i highly doubt it's gonna even happen, but i'd like it to.
  2. Lets see...as for a zombie wishlist this may seem nostalgic but i'd like to see a map where we just have the 4 original perks. I know it's not gonna happen, we may even see more perks added. But i liked it when you just had Juggernog, Quick Revive, Speed Cola and Double Tap. All the extra perks make it seem way too easy in my opinion.
  3. It would be a nice treat to give us a discount for renewing membership.
  4. So many things are on my BO2 wishlist but I think the one at the top would be....no second chance, nuff said. My bad, just realised that it said "Zombie Wishlist" The second chance thing still stands for multiplayer tho.
  5. I know right? If treyarch decides to implement CoD Elite I will Literally DESTROY my old Tv! Well like any other business Treyarch want's to make money off their product and elite is a great way for them to make money so i have no doubt that they are gonna have elite options.
  6. I'm not a PC game player. To be honest i don't think I ever will be one with this 500MB Ram computer, But how can PC not have Elite if it has a website for computer?
  7. I think what he means by this is that he thinks they may add a 5th player because the cosmonaut looks alot like everyone else in the space suite plus it has a friends gamertag over its head, looking like an extra player.
  8. not sure where i heard this from but i think elite is changing when BO2 comes out so maybe we will see something like this.
  9. Just thought of some good quotes for a few people RWJ- "Zombie blood all over my face and lower back." Tobuscus- "Steven!!! Get me some more ammo!!!" "Bless your face Zombie."
  10. Thanks for getting it back on topic and nice line up. Can you think of any interesting/funny quotes they might say during gameplay?
  11. I'd say =3 has stayed about the same. The Music itself is taking a downturn. But his material can only be as good as the videos that are becoming viral.
  12. Yea-no. They didn't take the biggest stars for CotD just because they were big, they took people who were in famous zombie movies. It's not just "Hey! A random famous person! Let's get him to make a cameo!" they actually have to have reasons. Very true but i guess its just a what if kinda thing. I'm not going by how much involvement the person has with zombies. Just a fun make-up thing to think about. Plus it would be pretty cool if they did something like this which having RWJ in would be pretty awesome.
  13. I could maybe see big Call of Duty Youtubers, but I doubt you'll see RWJ in there. I think RWJ could be a big possibility because he's one of the most known people on youtube which is something treyarch would want to have.
  14. I didn't mean youtube stars that were involved with just zombies. I ment any big star that could be included. Even if that person never played the game what could they say in the game that might be funny or make sense.
  15. Hey everyone me and my friend Itz Winters came up with a fun idea for a zombie map. What if treyarch got youtube stars to appear in the game like Call of The Dead had the horror cast. Some famous youtubers i would have in the game would include. FPS Russia RayWilliamJohnson UberHaxorNova RoosterTeeth Seananners Anoj Tobuscus Post some youtube stars that you think should be in a zombie map like this and post some quotes you think they might say.
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