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Everything posted by MrShortKhop793

  1. captain crunch, i say this because after you eat 3 bowls the roof of my mouth hurts lol, and when females take duck pictures
  2. Love life- Sprung with Tisha Campbell and Rusty Cuendieff, (Cuz im a good dude, looking for a honest relationship no games, all trust, good movie go peep it, personality- Movie Friday (LMAO That my Movie and Cube is Ma Dude fa show) appearance- Movie Casino/Malcolm X/Good Fellas/The Eastsidas Movie/3 Strikes/BanginOnWax (Yea I like Suites, Bow Ties, Gators, and 3x Whites tees and Croker Saccs lol) Mental- Jeru The Damaja feat. Afu-Ra - Mental Stamina Psychokinetic forces proceed to smash in your cerebellum Phonetian with more stamina than a Christian my mind, C3 H5 N3 O9 like Nitroglycerine I bust as Afu Ra crush Class with us and meet Cerebus- (THAT LINE IS EFFIN CRAZY) its blew my mind
  3. lol its all good fam, we all have them kind of moments
  4. lol its all good fam, we all have them kind of moments
  5. hey carbon how do you get a job like this a QA, because i have interest into entering the gaming industry
  6. Yes thats my point Tattoo the voices and transmitting their voices i mean im just thinking out loud and i mean sorry if im doing what you guys called BS Posts,
  7. Still not answering what i did wrong, and why is everybody so mean on here i mean jezz oh wizz, no wonder why i never comment that much
  8. Then you would get heightism, weightism, ageism, professionalism (see what I did there?). You'd be better off eliminating ALL prejudice. You Have a Valid Point, i think in life somethings are Balanced but i do understand what your saying,
  9. Of course my good friend, im surprised Folks Remember me, I usted to be SDChagers1993 lol man them was the days yo
  10. OohUzqPlwKA (Beat Im Spitting Over Producer: DJ Pooh Released: 1995, ©: Death Row Records Up Jump the boogie, wake'in up throw the Dogg Pound Hoodie....on, Throw on the Kackies an croker sacc glide on, Run down stairs, sister chillin play'in wit nair, but momma knows how to take care, Cookin Breakfast with no hog, Sunny Sunny LA Wit no Fog, Umm Lookin like today was a good day, Cube Vision, Ready to make a killin, Slangin Birds that dont fly, Hit the Lo-Lo Wit Stride, K.S.G Ready to ride, Killin Makin Skrilla, Gettin Rella, on the Della, Cookin up funky Consumption this nigga is ready to get the dumpin, eat a MC like a Lunch-in, Lighting Strike in bunches, Bo Knows This MC can Flow, Co Sign wit the raw 16 hittin 3's like Eric Snow.......Yo, This Average Joe Can Blow Major Yola, Motoarolla Holdin, SkY Pager Blowin Up, (Honestly U gotta Know How Daz and Kurupt Flow or Just Know Cadience and Timing, cuz this flows Nicely, it needed touched up, and it usually takes me longer to Write 3 Verses aka 3-16 Bars or 4 verses, U gotta be a Big rap head to understand, and also this means nothing if i cant record it, i can write my ass off and im good at it, but at the same time nobody really gonna know your style, if you dont record) Food for thought but u guys are good keep it up, nice rhymes
  11. Finally, someone who agrees with me. I dislike Lil Wayne, I like NWA. Oh Yea NWA Eazy Pac Cube #Westcoast Vets
  12. Yes Hopsin is Nicee, He was Signed to Eazy E Label and still is, their is a long story behind it, but hes dope
  13. I think folks are overthinkin it, I honesty think is more about transmitting information , what are your thoughts, i haven seen any post about it, and im surprised that its over looked ,i think its less about car or bus transit and more about the easter egg and transmitting and the church did anybody figure it out yet,
  14. I Would Get Rid of racist people, real talk their a virus to society, i think we can all get a long, but sadly thats not going to happen, if you look at the Situations Mexicans always Feuding With Blacks, Blacks killin Blacks, Black "So Called" Beefing With Whites ect i can go on and on, i mean i can really go into DEEP Detail, cuz i have very open thoughs on Racism and Conflict
  15. couple quik Q's Does the intel from BO 1 Get explained ??? or do u have to play DeClassifided to find out?
  16. WOW dopeness, even doe i dont like Rock an Roll, Some of them Rock song be Jammin makin them SUBS bump,
  17. Whats Good Folks Been away for a long time, How yall Been, What was yall Jammin to on Thanksgivin?? Me Personally QfqqjNV-jOM Great Jam #BayArea
  18. Yo Whats Good folks, you guys should go check out my 2 Fan Made Trailers For Black Ops 2 To get you guys pumped i think both songs fit well, 3eiLcfR7HH0 and The other one, Call of Duty Black Ops 2--The Evil That Men Do (Trailer) I worked Extra Hard on both, Combine Total Hrs (11+) Editing is Tighter on The Cannon Fire Video, But Both Use Similar Screeshots, But BOth Very Different v6YZ2cBqm7w
  19. Smart I hope this makes it into the game, if not I think this can start a good habit, I will try to get people to be more aggressive when I look for matches, and for this website I think a teammates finder/aggressive play or playstyles fourm/ thingy would be a good idea for this site, [brains]
  20. This is what movies and video games do to us, we want all the unrealistic scenarios that bad. But really though it's not like we're that far off from something like this happening. OnlyShapeShifter's thread shows a lot of the ways a human mind could be "essentially" erased and leave them in a deranged/catatonic state. Doesn't help that government also have tons of secret viruses they develop for the sake of biological warfare, so who knows what they can all do. If any actual zombie outbreak did come out it would either be actual reanimated corpses where the people are dead and their bodies are only moving because the part of the brain linked to motor skills is still there or something. Or we would be looking at a "28 days later" style of rage filled, insane cannibals. Science's darkside is genetics and biochemistry. They find all these viruses that could kill a person and engineer them so that they're a thousand times worse. yes i agree, on what you say
  21. wow Florida is going off the deep end, i head many stories of crazies in FLA, Kids Killin Parents and such. smh
  22. and oh yea its PCP yall even herd of Big Lurch, Houston TX' rapper took a lil PCP carved out some womans chest and ate her, but i think hes innocent, cuz, if you watched the movie Rhyme and Punishment, theirs some thinks in the case thats iffy, and their a set up, But listen to the doctor in the video, "it makes you an Animal" yall got zombies on yall brains too much lol, play some B-Ball, or Ride a Bike Get some fresh air y-tVvjVi2m8
  23. p2k2KmS3KfM its PCP but aye they both crazy Drugs Lmao Dont do drugs kids, PM4xMYgZ1zI
  24. Come on now, If yall belive this is Zombies, Shake my head, Its LSD, Ive seen Junkies in tha Hood, Lmao, They funny as Ever, and ive see a Video, (ill put in the post) Zombies aint real, but whos knows what the Govt done, I mean they planted crack in Urban areas,Chemical Trails, 9-11, Waco, OKC Bombings, 2Pac, i can go on an on, and Ive seen a CDC building, they house Virus that will kills us in Seconds, But ayo just chill, Drink a 40oz, and Stay Blessed, and Enjoy Life :D

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