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  1. Well all those things are cool... but he's also very annoying... Btw: It's epic when the astronaut moonwalks
  2. Did anyone notice how David vonderhaar points at his shirt ( )when David Lamia says the word ZOMBIES... Here is a better look of the shirt... What could this shirt mean?
  3. Censored rivive would be OP, because you can camp for the whole game, and that would make zombies not much of a challenge... So maybe there must be a limit to it so people can't abuse it... And I think the same goes for flash mob. that should also hava a limit to it... Apart from that it are good ideas ;)
  4. Thanks for pointing that out. :D
  5. Maybe it has something to do with zombies.
  6. Would you guys mind, if there will be easter eggs which can only be completed if you're with 8 players? Especially if they are as difficult as the shangri-la easter egg. And do you like difficult easter eggs?
  7. No, the hacker can only be found in the labratories (?). So you must take the hacker with you when you go to area 51. Which makes it also easier to pack and punch cause uou get that cage all around you.
  8. No_ammo

    I need help

    It's the big bang theory achievement.
  9. I think the double punch should'nt be an easter egg, but should be put in the game right from the start
  10. It would be too easy, but a 50% extra ammo perk would be nice.

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