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  1. From what I've heard, yes, it is a sequel. As for your other question, I have no clue.
  2. Well played! I couldn't even fathom the difficulty, since my highest is 20. 20
  3. There is one in Shi No Numa on the BO version I haven't used, but while spectating, I watched a guy in a corner near the building with the musical easter egg. The zombies got on top of him, and he just ray gunned then down.
  4. My worst moment: On Moon, round two, we had a slow crawler left. I had no ammo, no grenades. En route to the Olympia, I was going to kill him the only way I could, via knife. I get hit one, and then... am grabbed by the Astronaut Zombie, and the crawler gets me. Worse time was my relative; downed 14 times in round 1.
  5. I am semi-new to the Zombies realm. I know the back stories for the maps, I understand the Wonder Weapons(partially), and I kind of understand the characters. Can someone please fill me in on what I don't know?
  6. I am semi-new to the Zombies realm. I know the back stories for the maps, I understand the Wonder Weapons(partially), and I kind of understand the characters. Can someone please fill me in on what I don't know?
  7. Odds are, yes. We assume that because they were Allies.
  8. We had one a few posts (maybe pages) back. It really didn't go out of Russia, So it's more likely to be Manchuria or High up Japan. HOWEVER, we can not rule out, now that I think about it, that they simply moved the meteor fragments. I do not see a crater around Shi no numa, after all. Also, it would be kind of dangerous for SNN to be in New Guinea, since that was the edge of their empire. If america took that, all their resources would be lost. Plus, by the time Shi no numa has its outbreak, it is likely 1945. Was new guinea taken back then? (I forget). I agree with you here. That would be incredibly dangerous for them, and the Americans did have New Guinea in 1945. In fact, if memory serves me right, the Japanese only had parts of New Guinea, and they were driven off in 1942-43. Therefor, we can assume the Japanese wouldn't have placed a base on PNG, mainly because they hadn't secured the island, and they wouldn't have wanted to lose the intel.
  9. My problem with this is that if the OSS found out that the Japanese pretty much had Manchuria, but they acted as if it was an independent state, they would treat it as Japan. Same thing with the Abwehr/Other German intelligence groups. Thus, Dempsey and Richtofen would consider it Japan, since that is what they are told. First, we can never rule out anywhere, unless it is completely implausible (Europe, The Americas, etc.) Second, we would consider it Japan, since they took over the area, and ruled it as a puppet state. Third, we have already seemingly ruled out New Guinea. Our current argument is about Manchuria, which is our current best case, so far as I know. If you have other theories, I would love to see them. (Just to clarify, no inflection of sarcasm in that.)
  10. I know I am really late on this, but I agree with TI. It could be in Manchuria. When we took over Hawaii, what did we consider it? Part of the U.S.A.. When Nazi Germany took over Poland, what did we consider it? A part of Germany. We would do the same with anything. And also, German soldiers who fought for the country, not the ideas of the Third Reich, probably considered Poland a part of Germany. The reason why most wouldn't is because the Nazi's thought they were the ultimate warriors. Takeo could see it from this point of view. And back on early, there was the debate about the Hyenas. They easily could have come from India, where they live as referenced here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hyaenidae_range.png On there, it shows that the Hyenas lived in India. If any left India, we have the Hyena. As for the bird: As mentioned before, the Japanese Empire was insanely rich. The Emperor could have heard of the bird, and wanted it. Then he saw it in person, didn't like it, sent it to Manchuria (sent the undesired bird to the undesired land) and allowed it to be tested on. Outbreak happens, they escape, and settle in the area. This is my THEORY on the subject.
  11. I agree with what is said above. If it disturbs you, don't buy the game. If you are too young, don't get the game. In real war, if a grenade explodes nearby you/another person, they won't just fall down and have a red area where the grenade hit. They are going to go flying off, and they will probably be dismembered. These are the horrors of war. If you can't handle it, don't play it.
  12. I am also going with Richtofen. Reason being that we are incredibly similar, and I think he is quite funny.
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