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  1. since I can't preorder the game here on my country I'll just print the poster myself :D
  2. That's a good theory. [brains] I'll keep an eye on this thread. Sounds promising. I'll rep you later because I can't at the moment.
  3. Well it looks like Dead Space 2 multiplayer to me and I didn't really like it.
  4. Well it is highly possible. I would love to play as Mason again. And if campaign and zombies are tied together I hope there is time travel included too so you can prevent what will happen in the future. And imagine Woods saying to zombies "You can't kill me" pure awesomeness lol.
  5. so you were right again. You sir have earned my respect
  6. this is an intresting theory. [brains] to you
  7. thanks for this man. I have also noticed that when you do Romero Teleportation Easter Egg the box moves. I did it once with a friend and the box moved. It might have been a glitch (so don't call me a liar) but if it isn't I think everyone should know this. You can possibly get the box at the spawn since round 2 or 3 if you try hard lol.
  8. It was an intresting read. Seeing all that info that you have gathered a campaign concentrated around zombies looks highly possible.
  9. that's an awesome rep system. :D
  10. Hello. New here. I'm glad I discovered this forum, there are loads of intresting stuff to read here. Keep up the good job guys. :)
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